Sanatorium Sanatorium Karabakh Resort Spa Naftalan in Naftalan

Sanatorium Karabakh Resort Spa Naftalan is one of the most popular sanatoriums in Naftalan, in Azerbaijan, more. The complex is located in the heart of the city. The territory of the sanatorium is well maintained, the coniferous forest occupies most of.

The complex includes procedures for the treatment of the following pathologies:

On the basis of the complex there are qualified, competent and experienced specialists who specialize in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Functioning the medical and health base. Before appointing improving measures, the patient examines in detail. After laboratory and functional procedures, a person prescribe therapeutic procedures. They can be classic and special. In carrying out procedures, naphthalane oil and special naphthalan-containing drugs that are patented. The complex includes rooms that are intended for persons with limited physical abilities. Wellness procedures may be conducted in the complex for children from 6 years. The number of sessions and types of procedures are carried out exclusively after the appointment of a specialist.

The kitchen provides a large selection of balanced europe and Azerbaijan dishes. Food functions on the system "Buffet". The choice of holidaymakers has a set of dishes for diabetics.

The tribute includes a variety of activities and a wide range of services:

Sanatorium Sanatorium Karabakh Resort Spa Naftalan in Naftalan

The course of sanatorium treatment is provided for a term of the week and more. In order to achieve good therapeutic efficacy, treatment should be carried out within order 2 weeks. With you, it is not necessary to have a spa documentation. Payment of vouchers is made after settling in the complex.

How to get to sanatorium

From Baku and Ganji Airport, guests takes free shuttle service. It is necessary to preliminarily agree on the date and time of arrival at the airport.

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