Sanatorium resort. Pattaya (Thailand)

Geographically Thailand is located in a tropical climate strip. Despite the minor seasonal and climatic weather differences between some areas, Thailand has in general a stable annual temperature: for nine months about 27 degrees, and in the period from April to June 30-35 degrees Celsius. Pattaya resort, thanks to its geographical location (bay surrounded by mountains), has an even softer climate. Even in the rainy season, there is a few and short-term, giving only the next portion of the coolness and freshness. This circumstance makes it possible to receive all year round and maintain tourists from all over the world. Thanks to a special microclimate, a huge assortment of environmentally friendly products, the presence of an extensive network of medical and health enterprises, Pattaya acquires the status of a spa spa. In recent years, an infrastructure has arisen here, which includes various enterprises operating in the field of recruiting medical care. These include clinics and salons offering all directions of therapeutic and prophylactic massage, saunas, herbal baths and a mineral bath, a large number of gyms and other sports complexes. Purposeful prophylactic treatment at the resort, properly planned rest (2-3 weeks) can be favorably affected by the human body. The patient must be maximally familiarized with the conduct of an active lifestyle and the meaning of regular procedures and enlisters. The patient should know the right way to treat his illness for the positive motivation of cooperation with the treasures of the staff while improving health. Therapeutic and prophylactic institutions of the resort are operating throughout the year. For holidaymakers preferring calm conditions, the summer period is recommended (June-August), which accounts for fewer coming to be treated.

Favorable weather conditions allow you to play outdoor sites: swimming in outdoor pools, golf, large and table tennis, cycling, top riding, Aqualangia. These circumstances reflected on the organization and construction of many hotels and resorts. Among them, the most popular today is the hotel complex – the ROYAL CLIFF Beach Resort resort, which is located on one of the best sections of the sea coast of Pattaya. Its large territory is a tropical park. There are 4 outdoor pools, 6 tennis courts, a medical and wellness center with simulators, gymnastic hall and sauna, sports massage, traditional Thai massage salons, three-hole golf courses. There is your own catamaran for marine walks.

Climate Stability Thailand allows you to shoot up to three yields per year without using fertilizers. Fruits selling around the clock in the markets, as a rule, fresh, removed from the root. Choosing a large: papaya, pineapples, bananas, watermelons, melons, mango, guava, grapes, persimmon, pears, grenades; as well as more exotic tropical fruits, such as Longan, Sapodilla, Rambutan, Mangostein, Lychee, Durian and many others. Most of the felt fruits are available in the markets, in stores and restaurants all year round. Fresh ripe Papaya has miraculous properties. In combination with fresh lime juice (type of lemon), falling into the digestive system, it actively splits and displays cholesterol from the body. Local residents call papaya vegetable gastric juice. Papaya is recommended for people with disabilities of the stomach and suffering from constipation. For patients suffering from obesity, a pineapple diet is recommended. Daily and regular use of pineapple is well quenched thirst and hunger, and at the same time actively splits fat deposits. Thai pineapples are considered the largest and juicy (up to 3.5 kg). The variety of local small bananas is recommended by nutritionist doctors as a tried tool for strengthening male potency. Also in bananas contain substances, suspended cancer cell growth. Fruit diets are compiled by observing experienced nutritional doctors, based on the certificates of the attending physician and characteristics of the disease. Eating properly selected fruits in combination with active recreation, sea walks and outdoor activities in the fresh air cleans the body and gives echo energy charge for a long time.

First of all, the patients are recommended a conjunctional massage of the musculoskeletal system. It belongs to it popular all over the world Thai national massage. Massage businesses offer it under the brand Thai Medical Massage (Thai Physical Massage), unlike other types of massage. Specialized salons are located both in many places of the city and in most hotels. All masseurs have special training in national massage schools. The high efficiency of this massage is achieved by a skillful combination of three different influences. The first is the direct massage of muscles and muscle tissue. Second – manual impact on skeletal elements. Third – acupuncture or point massage. All of these three components in combination regulate the work of the skeleton, muscles, blood vessels, internal secretion organs and the respiratory system. Massage can be accompanied by rubbing in the skin of various healing preparations and extracts from therapeutic herbs. The history and traditions of Thai massage go to the depths of the centuries. Modern medicine studies this ancient and unique method and finds him more and more use in combination with pharmacology and psychotherapy.

One of the species of Thai massage of the foot massage. Along with the above-described massage treatment in Pattaya, patients are recommended therapeutic and preventive massage of the feet. Due to the directional influence on the nerve ending, the blood circulation is improved, the blood circulation is improved, an indirect impact on all major human bodies occurs. Based on diagnostics, masseurs pick up one or another foot massage system.

One of the directions of medical care for patients – chiropractic or treatment of internal diseases without the use of pharmaceutical preparations and surgical intervention. Treatment is offered in a specialized clinic and it is recommended to form patients suffering from stress, headaches, pain in the spine, hypertensive diseases, diseases of the digestive tract and many other diseases arising on the nervous soil. Most diseases occur due to pinching nerves. Not all pinching causes acute pain and therefore arise unmarried and last for years, damaging human health. His services in the field of treatment and prevention of diseases associated with the nervous system are offered qualified chiropractic doctors that have appropriate accreditation and the necessary testing in state medical commissions. Such doctors quickly find and successfully eliminate the pinching of the nerves, thereby restoring the normal functioning of various organs of the human body. For everyone, a monthly visit to the chiropractic physician for preventive purposes is recommended.

Ancient types of pharmacology

    Sanatorium resort. Pattaya (Thailand)
  1. Dried hobrogram bile from which the alcoholic tincture is processed used to stimulate the imune system, the treatment of prostatitis, rheumatism, inflammation in the joints.
  2. Medicines from colds and liver diseases from subcutaneous fat Cobra.
  3. Additives in face masks.
  4. Preparations for the treatment of the urogenital system (cystitis, urethritis, eurosis of the cervix, pain during periods, inflammation of appendages).

Relaxation under water

Pattaya – an attractive place for fans of water sports. The most popular dive with the aqualung, so there are many centers at the resort, offering our services to both experienced scuba and beginners. No less popular walks along the bottom of the sea in air helmets that do not require any preparation, and windsurfing riding. Immersion for water with scuba favorably affects the removal of emotional stress. Also improved the rooting and operation of the respiratory system. Novelty and freshness of wristings soothes nerves. Especially recommended multi-day trips to the islands. Numerous dives, fresh sea air, fruit abundance, positive emotions – strengthen the nervous system and increase the overall tone and livelihoods of the body.

Change of the situation, the anonymity of treatment is favored by the active removal of a person from the feed. At the request of the client, inpatient treatment in the international clinic under the supervision of experienced doctors. Fruit diets also well contribute to the purification of the human body from alcohol.

Help is prepared by employees of the tourist agence ILVES Tour Mikhail Ilyin and Evgenia Golubovsky

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