Sanatorium resort leisure-padding alternative to vacation abroad

Flight through the climatic belt for several days of resting under the hot sun can be harmful. A sharp change of literally all components of the environment is not indifferent to a person. Moreover, a person who has just escaped from many months of intense labor. The consequences of applying stress from acclimatization on already existing working fatigue can be really dangerous to health. And if the goal of the upcoming vacation is to correct the upheaval well-being, is it worth looking for a panacea over the seas, for shares?

Available in the nearby past only government officials a sanatorium-resort system is open today to anyone. According to independent experts, the system created 80 years ago was checking time and really extends life to its regular customers for 15-20 years.

For example, in the sanatorium "Volzhsky Rock", where the family of our President of Russia often rested, besides the heart and nervous systems, the musculoskeletal system will be considered. Excellent treatment and diagnostic base and in a multidisciplinary sanatorium "Moscow region".

Sanatorium Sochi, The location of which follows from the very name is designed to treat the musculoskeletal system. The main therapeutic factors here are sunny, marine, air and macestinsky baths. Rest in Sochi late autumn or winter – great. True, the sea "does not work", but the pool with sea water, sauna, and most importantly healing hydrogen sulfide – at your service.

Sanatorium resort leisure-padding alternative to vacation abroad

Sanatorium "Oak Grove", Located near the northern slope of Mount Beshtauau in Zheleznovodsk – the most picturesque of all Caucasian resorts. The effect of treatment here is comparable to Karlovy Vara. You can relax here with the whole family. But in the sanatorium "Polyany" in the Moscow region child can safely send one. Even children sick enuresis, which parents are accompanied everywhere and everywhere, here will meet with joy. Moreover, this severe disease is depicted in front of local treatment techniques.

Specialists say that a quarter human health depends on. In a good sanatorium, according to biochemical analyzes, the doctor thinks out of you the right menu. Own farms provide sanatoriums with vegetables, meat, cheese and even mineral water. All products are undergoing careful sanitary control, excluding any surprises.

In service with sanatoriums – the latest methods of treatment. If you are absolutely healthy and the only purpose of vacation is a full-fledged rest, then the system of "royal" sanatoriums and in this case – the perfect choice. come to Pension "Elbrusye" – you will not regret. Being at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level among rocks and mountains, coniferous forests, Alpine meadows, "Elbrusye" – a unique place for tourism, mountaineering and ski rest.

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