Sanatorium "Minzern" – Rest and treatment in removal!

Delyonchi – the city in the north of China in the province of Heilongjiang. It is famous for scenic nature, clean air and healing sources. "The edge of five big bound lakes" sounds in Chinese as a deleted. Pride of this land – the ancient lakes of volcanic origin. Today they come to the National Geological Park, which since 2004 has become the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Treatment in delets – Available!

If you decide to relax and treat, our experts will organize a trip. You need to call by phone 8 (800) 200-78-85 (Call free to the our Federation) Or fill out an application on the website of the company http: // udalianchi.RU /. Select a formed tour or agree on an individual program.

Wellness tours are designed for 12-15 days. The tour price includes travel and a room with amenities in the Minishenian sanatorium, three-time meals, visiting mineral springs Sometimes the excursion program. Tours are organized from Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk and Moscow.

The amazing edge of the five-grades – deleted is ready to share with you with your natural strength and give health!

Lakes Dellary

In the water of Lakes, deleted – rare properties. It contains 50 minerals and trace elements. Similar water characteristics were found only in two places in the world: in our Narzan and the source of Vichy in France.

Treatment in the resort of removal is based on mineral waters. Water here is used for drinking, washing, healing baths and traditional Chinese medicine procedures.

Sanatorium "Minzern"

Sanatorium "Minzern" is located on the territory of the beautiful natural park. He opened the doors for patients in May 2000. "Minzern" is a multidisciplinary sanatorium. Doctors teach in the therapeutic, gynecological, surgical, proctological, dental and cosmetology departments.

Sanatoriums are held acupuncture sessions, physiotherapy and traditional massage. The treatment process necessarily includes procedures using mineral waters and medicinal mud.

On the Sanatorium Square in 30 thousand. kv. Meters are arapeutic, hotel and restaurant complexes. Technical base and medical care Together with traditional Chinese medicine make everything necessary to overcome diseases. New equipment diagnoses without errors, and experienced medical staff prescribes true and effective treatment.

Sanatorium "Minzern" successfully copes with diseases:

  • musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, scoliosis, hernia of intervertebral disks, arthritis and arthrosis);
  • respiratory system (chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and inflammation of lungs);
  • Sanatorium
  • cardiovascular system (consequences of myocardial infarction, hypertension, sclerosis of arterial vessels, anemia, hypotension);
  • digestive system (ulcer of the stomach or 12-rosewood, chronic gastritis, hepatitis);
  • gynecological and urological (infertility, mioma of uterus, ovarian cysts, inflammation of appendages);
  • proctological (hemorrhoids internal and outdoor, cracked rear pass);
  • Skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema).

Cosmetology Department provides standard skin care treatments and remove papillomas, bags under the eyes, makes the eyelid.

In the Sanatorium "Minzern" patients Are treated and live in comfortable rooms. Guests of the category Standard, Family and Suite. In each apartment, the microclimate is regulated by air conditioning, there is a private shower room, hygiene products and tea set.

It features a billiard and tennis tables, a cozy bar. Own restaurant On the territory of the sanatorium offers menus with European and Chinese dishes.

Each patient coming to the "Minzhen" sanatorium receives rest and complex treatment, which is based on the principle of interaction of achievements of science and techniques of traditional Chinese medicine.


Tatyana Livanova, 32 years old Vladivostok

Returned from a trip to the removal. Much impressions. Feeling rested. But the main thing – managed to free yourself from tormenting problems. Traveled together with mom. I passed the course of the treatment of psoriasis, Mom treated Vienna. Doctors attentive, sanatorium Well-groomed, Rooms Cozy. And what beauty around! Visited and on excursions. This is the most healthy vacation in my life. thanks.

Anastasia Panic, 45 years old Blagoveshchensk

In the Sanatorium "Minzern" went with his asthma. What air! It seems there and no procedures feel better. But the Chinese medical staff was at height. It was interesting to try unusual methods of Chinese medicine for us. Really liked acupuncture procedures, I recommend massage. I feel updated. For two weeks of the tour about the disease forgot! Low bow to doctors and organizers.

Vladimir Petushkov, 54 years old Khabarovsk region

I am grateful to employees of the Minishen Sanatorium and the organizers managers. Tried Gastritis. Water beautiful. Did not even expect. I feel great. Rested. Saw China. The road was not difficult. I will recommend you to friends.


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