San Vihilio Castle in Bergamo – three pleasures in one

The Italian Castle of San Vihilio in Bergamo reached this day in a pretty "battered". However, it still makes sense to at least three reasons. First, it is Independent atmosphere of an ancient fortress. Secondly, a big beautiful park, broken around the towers of the castle. And, thirdly, stunning view from the top of the hill at the surroundings.

History of the fortress

The story of San Vigilio Castle (Castello Di San Vigilio) is rooted in VI in., When the foundation of the Roman Fort was laid in his place. In 889. The fortress captured the future Italian king Arnulf Carinthia. When, after three centuries, Bergamo became a free city, The fortress turned into a military garrison And good strengthened.

The real flourishing castle of San Vihilio has to on XIV &# 8211; XVI BB., First, under the influence of Milan Duchy, then the powerful Venetian Republic, and after when the fortress precipitates the Spaniards and the French. During this period, the city surrounded the fortified walls, and the castle was significantly increased and connected to the city walls. In addition, it was arranged Secret underground tunnel lead from the city to the castle tower, from the top of which clocks overlooked the surroundings.

In our time, San Vihilio Castle is Property Bergamo and has the status of a city park. Since 1962. The fortress is open for visits.

Architecture and surroundings

San Vihilio Castle in Bergamo was originally a major and well fortified fort in the form of a pentagon, But today only part of the fortress survived. The main building is distinguished by an unusual form in the form of a star to which the towers were attached.

Tourists visiting the San Vihilio Fortress can see four sentigious towers and impressive walls walking towards the city.

Interestingly, the towers are practically not rebuilt from the XVI in., so see their architecture can be very curious. They are high, but small diameter – the inner space is mainly occupied by stairs.

In addition to the towers and walls to this day, a number of other elements of the Fortress are preserved: Fortification facilities, transitions, bridges. The most exciting thing here is, of course, the secret underground transition between the lock and the city. On it, you can even walk along with a group of speleologists by appointment.

San Vihilio Castle in Bergamo - three pleasures in one

Castle today

In addition to the dilapidated, but still interesting, San Vihilio Castle, deserves separate attention broken near him park. Around the towers planted a variety of Mediterranean plants, pleaseing the eyes in summer with their lush flowering. However, at other time of the year the park in its own way good.

In addition to the castle and park, tourists attracts a luxury view in San Vizhilio. From the castle tower before the visitor A magnificent panorama of old Bergamo opens, Lost among green hills of villages, and in clear days and majestic Alps. I contribute to the unique atmosphere and in the vicinity of the Castle of Restaurants, as well as the Old Funicular, equipped in 1912.

Located a fortress At an altitude of 500 m on a hill, It leads picturesque, but rather cool trail.

A visit located on the hill of a dilapidated fortress may at first glance seem boring business. But the mysterious atmosphere of antiquity and Gorgeous views of the surroundings can quickly change the opinion of the inquisitive tourist.

San Vihilio Castle in Bergamo - three pleasures in one

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