San Teodoro

San Teodoro – Attractive resort located in Sardinia, 20 km from Olbiaia.

San Teodoro Resort attracts tourists with remarkable beautiful beaches, clean sea water. Holidays in San Teodoro, definitely, will have to do with advantage lovers tourists: travelers can always find a quiet calm place here, where you can have a good time.

Tourist infrastructure is well developed on the beaches of San Teodoro: tourists are offered a lot of sports entertainment, so you will definitely not succeed in the rest in San Teodoro! Entrance to the sea on all beaches of San Teodoro gentle, so you can relax with young children in the resort.

It is noteworthy that in San Theodoro there are several lakes, which are decorated resort and one of its main attractions. Also in the resort you can meet pink flamingos, to get acquainted with the Herons, as well as make an interesting walking tour of the surroundings of San Teodoro, as well as throughout Sardinia – Fortunately, the convenient location of the city is allowed.

It should be noted that the San Teodoro resort is great for tourists who are driving surfing: in view of the fact that strong winds are almost constantly blowing, the city attracts lovers of this sport.

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What is interesting to look in San Teodoro?

Top attractions of San Teodoro

San Teodoro: excursions and events

Excursions in San Teodoro – This is, first of all, a sightseeing tour of the city as well as trips to other cities. For example, you can recommend tourists a trip to Cagliari, a cruise along the Bay of Orosea, walking on jeeps in Santa Maria Novoress. Interesting and such excursions as a trip to the shepherd with a traditional dinner for Sardinia, a seabed on yachts or rubber boats. If desired, guests of San Teodoro can go to the tasting tour, during which they will have the opportunity to taste high-quality wine, cheese, prevotto and other delicacies.

History of San Teodoro

Climate in San Teodoro

San Teodoro, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels in San Teodoro Tourprom Travel

Climate San Teodoro refers to the Mediterranean type, it is very favorable for tourists, so you can relax in the resort during the year – Even in winter, the air temperature in the resort is always above zero. Duration of the tourist season in San Teodoro – from April to October. Note that strong winds often blow on the resort, which is very good for fond of surfing, but it does not most effect on other tourists.

Weather in San Teodoro for months, see the selected link to the appropriate section of the touropey.

San Teodoro: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Different types of activity are popular with San Teodoro: so, here you can engage in various sea sports, for example, ride yachts, catamarans, boats. Also in the resort is spread fishing. In addition, in San Teodoro there are fields for playing golf, as well as numerous tennis courts.

Transport Features of San Teodoro

Transportation San Teodoro – These are buses that run both by the city itself and carry out a long-distance message. In addition, in San Teodoro, tourists can rent a scooter, a motorcycle or bike. Also guests can call a taxi from any resort hotel.

San Teodoro, Italy Recreation, Reviews, Hotels in San Teodoro Tourprom Travel

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