San Sebastian resort in Spain

San Sebastian – the most prestigious resort on the Spanish shores of the Biscay Bay. The city of San Sebastian is the administrative center of the province of the Gipo, located in the northeastern part of the Basque, which is two dozen kilometers from the French border. Basque name of the city – Donostia.

Aviation message

There are no direct flights from Moscow to San Sebastian, in any case will have to do one or two transplants. Most likely, you will have to move at one of the airports of Spain, read them in our review "How much to fly to Spain".

In San Sebastian, 22 kilometers from the city has its own airport, but very small, and only local flights are sitting in it. San Sebastian connected with Madrid, Barcelona, ​​many other Spanish and French cities Regular bus and rail flights.

Four airports are within 50-80 kilometers from San Sebastian: French Biarritz (50 km in line), Bilbao (77 km, the largest Basque Country Airport), Pamplona (62 km, a small airport, most flights to Barcelona and Madrid) and Vitoria (76 km, Basquence).

San Sebastian hotels

In San Sebastian, thirty-five hotels, much less than at the popular resorts of the South Coast of Spain (in Costa Brava or Costa Blanca, the number of hotels is calculated by hundreds). The Biscay bay belongs to the Atlantic, and the water is cool here than in the well-heating southern sun of the Mediterranean, therefore the number of beach hotels is significantly lower.

Hotels are predominantly four-star (a little less than half of the entire hotel foundation). Approximately the same than two and three-star in aggregate (nine and five hotels, respectively). Seven One-Scent Orders and One Hotel Five Stars.

Only a few hotels stand at the first-third beach lines, and the main part of hotels is closer to the architectural masterpieces of the historic center, the football stadium and other "non-friction" attractions.

RO (without meals) and BB (breakfast only) prevail. You can find options with half board and other types of nutrition or dining and dinner at the hotel restaurants for a fee. Next to hotels enough cafes and restaurants for every taste and wallet.

Sightseeing San Sebastian

The main attraction of the "pearls of the Cantabrian coast", as often referred to as San Sebastian, – Crescent Bay, Embankment and the Beach of La Cum. Differs in purity water and picturesque species. In the middle of the bay, the small island of Santa Clara was spread with a lighthouse, and on both sides of the bay rises in the mountain. At one of them there are amusement park and La Moth castle, on the other – the figure of Christ towering over the coast.

In addition to La Coff, there are other beaches in San Sebastian. Otaretta – more relaxed and more familiar for family holidays. Beaches Gross and Surriola are more crowded and noisy, here in coastal waters love "catching the wave" surfers.

In the summer and autumn, the entire San Sebastian turns into one solid landmark. In addition to cultural and exhibition centers working year-round, the program of your cultural recreation will be able to add numerous events within the Jazz Festival Jazzaldia, International Film Festival and Fantasy Festival and Horror Films (end of September and the end of October, respectively), theatrical festival, surfing film festival, advertising festival and electronic music festival.

The new city is interesting for the French architecture of Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau, as well as photographic and fancy futuristic cubes of the best European building of 2001 – Congress Center Kursal.

In San Sebastian, there are quite a few attractions for lovers of old architecture. These are: the area of ​​the Constitution in the medieval quarter of the Wielya Party; Former bull battle arena; The former town hall in which the city library is now posted; Miramar’s Palace Complex, once served by Mary-Christine’s residence; Neoclassical Palace Aiette, former Resident Franco.

In Alda-Sugar, the old town, it makes sense to admire the Church of St. Vincent, the oldest temple of the city; Baroque basilica San Sebastian patroness; Former medieval monastery, and now the Ethnographic Museum of San Telmo.

Get acquainted with the history of Basque, not only in San Telmo, but also a palace-aquarium in the port area of ​​the city. Museum expositions talk about the naval history of the country of Basque and the traditions of fishing in the region.

San Sebastian resort in Spain

Where to go

The resort is located on the shores of the Biscay Bay, divided between Spain and France. To the French border of the entire pair of tens of kilometers, so it is easy (and not very expensive in time and finance) to go on a small excursion trip to southern France.

Many interesting and in the neighboring cities of the North of Spain: the capital of Navarre Pamplona (Irunier), the administrative center of Bilbao, the "heart" of Cantabrian Santander. Not far from the historic attractions of Santander, the amazing cave of Altaamira (in the photo on the right), widely known for multi-colored weak pictures of the Top Paleolithic times.

Enofilas (wine fans) and fans of ecological tourism makes sense to visit the neighboring Basque region, Riookhe. Rioja – famous winery. To fully enjoy the exquisite flavors and taste of riochest wines, it is worth come here in June, when a wine festival is held in Haro. In addition to vineyards and wineries, tourists in Rioche attract amazing cave houses of Cantabria. In Bilbao, it is necessary to look at the Guggenheim Museum, in Pamplona – to see the medieval Gothic Churches, in Santiago de Compostele – to admire the main cathedral of the city.

One or two holidays can be spent on a trip to Barcelona, ​​see the Sagrada Cathedral. Surname and Monastery Montserrat. A little further will have to go to Madrid, if you want to see Corrida on Las Ventas or see the Palace of the Kings of Spain. With the Spanish capital and the main city of Catalonia San Sebastian connected by regular flights, bus and rail routes.

Important advice

– in San Sebastian (as in the whole country of Basque) has not yet been introduced tourist tax. However, it is rumored that it will be introduced soon. However, such rumors go about all regions of Spain. Details in our article "Tourist tax in Spain";

– Potential dangers for tourists in San Sebastian are the same as in other resorts and in the cities of Spain. Read our article "What you can not do in Spain to tourists";

– Country of Basque is famous including the "Idyasabal" cheese. Details in our article "The best cheeses of Spain". For tourists, the entire range of the best Spanish souvenirs and gifts is available here. Read our article "What to bring from Spain".

A pleasant stay in San Sebastian in Spain, and read our interesting articles about this country and its resorts (Links below).

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