San Sebastian Gastronomika

From 7 to 10 October in San Sebastian (Basque Country) will host the largest gastronomic event of the year "San Sebastian Gastronomika – Euskadi Saboreala 2012". It will unite the professionals of the World Basque and International Cooking.

This year, within the framework of the festival from September 29 to October 14 passes "Gastronomic two weeks", During which everyone will be able to try a special menu in the 15 most prominent restaurants of the Basque Country. Dishes prepared by the best chefs will introduce customers of these institutions with the most traditional tastes of local cuisine. V "Two weeks" Hamalau Restaurants (Arrasate), Dolarea (Beasaine), Lasa (Bergara), Chalcha (Eibar), Abarka (Okarribia), Arroka Berri (Ondarribia), Inigo Lavado (Irun), Matteo (Oliatsun), Fronton (Tolza), Y Aiten Etxe (Sarauts), Illarra, La Madame and Mirador de Ulia (San Sebastian), as well as Bedua and Marina Berri (Suda).

This initiative is aimed primarily for acquaintance of the residents of the province of Hypuscé with an interesting gastronomy of the region. The participating institutions estimated it extremely positive: "Everything that happens in San Sebastian is reflected in the rest of the province. Gastronomy should be close to all its inhabitants", Says Yoshaan, the owner of the restaurant Illarra. ABARKA Luis Marie Byanda is adhered to such an opinion: "So customers will be able to get acquainted with restaurants that are not so famous. Basque gastronomy lives not only thanks to star chefs".

San Sebastian Gastronomika

Also in the event will take part municipality of fat. Restaurant El Fronton will launch a special offer designed specifically for local residents. Could not miss such a significant event and restaurants of San Sebastian. Ruben Trinkado (Restaurant El Mirador de Ulia) believes that such festivals "Extremely important both for professionals and visitors. The closer our kitchen will be to the people, the better", Added a chef.

Upon October 14, on the siteERPLAN website, you can familiarize yourself with the menu of all 15 restaurants involved in the project.

San Sebastian Gastronomika

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