San Sebastian de la Gomera (San Sebastian De La Gomera)

San Sebastian de la Gomer (San Sebastian de la Gomera) – The capital of La Gomer island.

The city is also the main port of the island, ferries with tourists arrive here daily.

The road from the port in the city passes through laurels shaded Plaza de Las Americas with a lot of street cafes.

West of the square snaps Gothic Torre Torre del Konde, Built in 1447 by the first Spanish ruler of the island of Ermann Perac-senior. Restored in 1997, it is the only persistent fragment of urban fortification facilities and recalls the tragic events of 1448. Beatris de Babalilla, the spouse of Erman Perac Jr., barricaded in the walls of the tower after the Guangchi killed her husband who seduced the local princess. When the Help arrived from the Grand Canaria, Beatris revenged, ordered to kill almost all the guy’s men.

San Sebastian de la Gomera (San Sebastian De La Gomera)

The main church Islands believed Iglesia de la Virgen de Asuncion Real in Street: As the legend says, Christopher Columbus prayed in this church before the continuation of his first trip. By legend, before sailing in the new Light, Columbus stopped in Casa de Colon on Real Street, 56. And Poso de Colon – Well, located in the courtyard of the building of the former customs, – has an inscription: ”America was baptized with water from this source ".

Another attraction of the city is small Ermite de San Sebastian Church (1450), which is devoted to the saint patron of La Gomer.

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