San Miguel: Europe Islet in Atlantic

In the minds of many people, small picturesque islands are associated for the most part with Africa. And few people know that Portugal has undeservedly deprived of tourist attention speaks by Azores – Amazing land of sushi in the ocean.

Sometime, ships of the most real pirates were stopped, loaded with gold and other prey. The largest of azorov – San Mighel Island. Tourweek tourist portal.RU has prepared for you photoExcursion for this unique place.

Azores are almost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. San Mighel Island – Most of them. About 250 thousand live on it. human – Half of the total population of Azorov.

Local authorities managed to achieve an amazing balance – develop the sphere of ecotourism, while retaining the pristine nature of the islands. For these achievements, the Azores were awarded in 1995 by a special thematic European Union award.

The village of Vila Frank do Campo originated in this place in the late Middle Ages – in 1472. Now there are just over 5 thousand. human. Until now, artifacts and traditions of Christianity are still maintained here.

History is amazing in his unpredictable turns. At the very beginning of the 20th century there was an episode when San Mighel had every chance of becoming our. Then the owner of a large land area in the Azores of Dr. Heinrich Abre offered the our Empire to buy two islands – Small and big boars. But the Marine General Interests did not go to the transaction.

Christian patron saint of San Miguel is none other than Archangel Mikhail – The leader of the Holy Forces of Angels and Archangels. It was his name that became the root of the name of the island.

About 9 thousand live in the village of Lagoa. human. Here tourists can buy ceramic products made by local masters in amazing style «patchwork».

San Mighel is also known for its tea craft. There are whole plantations for tea, and that is noteworthy, of all the Azores, tea is grown only here.

The island is also not deprived of traditional resort types of entertainment for tourists: Boat trips, observations of dolphins in their natural environment, fishing, snorkeling (swimming under the surface of water with a mask and a breathing tube).

San Mighel loves tourists thanks to its picturesque natural landscapes. Local Natural Park Terra-Noste with its floral abundance – True pride of the island.

The volcanic origin of the island clearly manifests itself in the picturesque valley of Vale Dash-Furnish with its hot springs. This is one of the most popular tourist sites of the Azores.

San Miguel Islet of Europe in the Atlantic

Indescribable beauty Fiery lake was formed in the crater for a long fuss volcano.

The plaque of the island became in 1427 the navigator Diogu Silves (Dioogo de Silves). Presumably, Silves accidentally discovered these picturesque slices of sushi during a swim on the already known at the time of the island of Madeira.

High-diving competitions are regularly organized here – Relief allows you to perform spectacular jumps from natural protrusions.

Low-rise building prevails on the island – no more than three or four floors. For the most part – two-storey houses.

On the island, many places are equipped for active leisure of tourists – Kayaking, Rafting and other water entertainment. On San Miguel, lakes are enough, where anyone can practic in these sports.

The highest point of the island of San Mighel – Mountain Peika da Vara. Its form and the very fact of its existence is continuously reminded of the volcanic nature of the island.

Despite the entire objective remoteness of the Azores, you can get here without problems by air. It will take only a transplant in Lisbon, and then the plane will land at Joao Paulo II airport. Air harbor is just 2 kilometers from Ponta Delgada. Total flight duration from Moscow – 12 hours.

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