San Miguel de Allende – the city of Bohemia and fighters for independence

San Miguel de Allende (Span. San Miguel De Allende) is located near the Sierra Madre Mountain Ridge (. Sierra Madre). This is a very beautiful Mexican city, which has retained the architecture of the colonial era. Tiled roofs paved by cobbled bridge, church dome, comfortable climate, stormy vegetation, rich history, thermal sources make it attractive.

In the XVI century, the colonialists began to build a network of roads that were to connect areas of production of valuable metals Mexico. To protect transport networks in the middle of the XV century, the Franciscan monk Juan de Sant Miguel and founded the city in which the military soon arrived.

In the XVIII century, he becomes one of the most influential cities of Mexico. The main attractions of San Miguel de Allend were built during this period. The country begins the national struggle with the Spanish Igo. The main role in it was played by Ignacio Allende. He headed the uprising, in 1811 the hero was put in prison and shot. In honor of Ignacio and the city was named.

Wars for independence exhausted the country, led her to decay. During the liberation struggle, the city was abandoned. Saved San Miguel de Allend that at the beginning of the 20th century his special atmosphere was discovered creative people. In 1951, the Arts School and Institute of Allend. Students who come from all over the country, lecture in these schools are lectured in these educational institutions. In the city fell in love to come Pablo Neruda and Gabriel Mistral.

Over time, foreign students began to come in San Miguel de Allend, who attracted unusual architecture in it, the atmosphere of creativity and a variety of cultural life. This city remains today. Almost a quarter of its inhabitants – foreigners, some of which live in it constantly, and part arrives at the weekend. Some are just a guest in the city, and others own hotels, exhibition halls, shops and cafes, taught in educational institutions.

First of all, tourists attracts his unusual architecture in San Miguel de Alland. It introduced the strictest prohibitions of construction in the city of new buildings, the installation of advertising and modern illumination, even road signs and traffic lights are not allowed. And it is not by chance. UNESCO counted the center of San Miguel de Allende to historical heritage monuments, so Mexicans seek to preserve their city.

The main attraction of the central square is the church of Archangel Mikhail. It was founded in the XVII century, then in the XIX century, the architect Zeferino Gitieres rebuilds it. Its gothic towers are visible in every corner of the city.

In Ignacio Allando’s house there is a historic museum, which is named after him. There are exhibits talking about the country, its struggle for independence and the heroes who took part in it. Another landmark is Maja-de Channel. It was built in the XVIII century. This is a very beautiful building in the style of neoclassicism with a decorated door carving.

San Miguel de Allende - the city of Bohemia and fighters for independence

Not far from the center are the Church of San Francisco and Chapel Terciariyev, who were previously included in the monastery complex. Build a church for more than twenty years in the XVIII century.San Miguel de Allendeesli go down the street Loreto to Sivik Square, then you can see the church of St. Philip Nery. All her dome of different sizes and shapes. Here is a collection of paintings telling about the life of the Holy.

Not far from it is the Cathedral of Nourera SeƱora de la-Salyud. Inside it is the image of sv. Francis Xaveria – Founder of the Orden of Jesuits. Enjoy the beauty of the city and its surroundings from the observation deck.

But tourists come to San Miguel de Allend not only for the sake of attractions. A very long time ago, thermal sources were found in this place, water in different temperatures. Here you can correct your health and fully rest.

Fans of plants will be interested to visit the Botanical Garden, in which the richest collection of cacti collected. In the Museum "Other Face of Mexico", guests of the city will tell about the ritual masks of the peoples of Mexico and with them related traditions.

For a long time will remain in memory and a simple walk around the city. After all, every street, building, courtyard, fountain in San Miguel de Allenda carefully keeps in itself the indescribable atmosphere of this hospitable country.

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