San Miguel de Allende: Jewelry Casket

Every day more and more I am convinced that we did absolutely correctly by choosing Mexico as a goal for the second long-playing trip. Half a year ago, when they wondered where to go this time, Mexico seemed to be very far away, a little scary, droplet dangerous and unknown. And today we enjoy walks through the cozy streets of her cities, flying for both cheeks of Tasos and Chelaklyas and implement Spanish in everyday life.

Week in Keretaro did not in any way thoroughly broke out our appetite, on the contrary, it became only an aperitif, who woke up the real thirst for impressions. On the second we had a compact town of San Miguel de Alende, whose name sounds so romantic, which somehow did not find no strength, no desire, to drive.

In San Miguel we spent a week, but for the walks were able to allocate only three days – at least work and not a wolf, but they will not get anywhere from her. All these three days we only did that we walked, walked and walked. Even if there were no sights in the city besides the streets, this would have been quite enough to be enchanted-distinguished.

However, the attractions were, and there were a lot of them. We managed to see enough.

Attractions in San Miguel

Somehow it happened that walking start with the most distant interesting places, I do not want to be in the evening somewhere on the outskirts of the city. Although, applied to San Miguel – This is not a problem, the part of the city, where there is what to do tourists is very small and overcome the distance from one of her edges to another – The simplest thing. In general, I had an opinion about San Miguel, as a casket, in which many multicolored pebbles: It is small, but we can consider things hidden in it for a very long time, and then sort out them again and again.

So, showing the multicolored pebbles that we have seen.

It all started with romantic El-Chorro street (El Chorro). Only they saw it, immediately realized that in San Miguel there is his San Angel and Koyoacan. The same houses drowning in greenery and colors, the same paved paths and bright facades.

Without a long time thinking, El-Chorro Street decided to strove, one of her alley (Bajada del Chorro) crawled upstairs, the second (Cajon del Chorro) looked down. Going up, you have to pretty to count the steps, but you can find something similar to the medieval fortress.

Making a choice in favor of the lower alley, we get to Church of the Holy Cross (Iglesia Santa Cruz) and fitted with it House of Culture (Casa de la Cultura). The house of culture was not rich in interest, we managed to see only on handmade carpets, but listen to the game on the piano, and then because of the door.

Winding streets reached Park Juarez Parque Juarez). For some reason, we decided that in it somewhere attached the observation deck, with which the panoramic view of the city opens, but no, it was not here. Park usual: palm trees, fountains, benches and waning tourists.

I wanted to look at the center as soon as possible, because where, as not in the heart of the city, the largest concentration of attractions? On the way we were waiting for a surprise. We go and see: beautiful house, wonderful flowers, twisted shops, how not to look closer? It turned out that this is nothing but a fashionable hotel, more precisely, the residence of Rosewood, but everyone can take a walk, and everyone can see what – Museum, not otherwise.

Examining the lair where wealthy Europeans rest rest, went to look at the wealth of the city, accessible to all mortals. At the end of the street umbilted Church of St. Rafael (Iglesia de San Rafael), followed by the main pearl of San Miguel, but a little later, while I preserved the intrigue.

Central Alende Park Garden Jardín allende) is surrounded by sights from all sides: it and Historical Museum Museo HistóRico de San Miguel De Allende),

and Pluspal princepal (Plaza Principal)

and, of course, a parokiy. About her go if not legends, then whole stories may even be true. It is saying that her architect never in life did not see the Gothic European temples in life, but he had several postcards with the images of the churches. So they were impressed by him that he took, and the redistribution completely facade of the old church. So appeared on the light of the pearl of San Miguel de Allende – Parocity of St. Michael Archangel (Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel), who caresses to himself eyes and locals, and visiting tourists.

Walking along the cute central streets, do not forget that hot saturated day can brighten a cup of delicious ice cream. It is in San Miguel really «real jam»!

Not far from the Central Park (I will reveal the secret — In San Miguel, everything is nearby) if you go around counterclockwise – Another of the numerous churches – Church of St. Francisco (Templo de San Francisco). San Miguel de Allende in terms of a huge number of religious buildings has not exceeded. From afar and near it looks completely different.

A little further takes into my arms Civic Square (Plaza Civica) with a militant rider unknown us. Yellow building, perfectly shaped green crowns perfectly tonsured trees – Sales College (Colegio de Sales).

Literally a few steps – bright Temple oratorio TEMPLO DEL Oratorio).

I think it will be interesting to many to look into the local library, in any case, we were curious to see what we worship at leisure Mexicans in a small quiet town. If you believe the collections of the library, they love to make the English-speaking literature, sometimes read books about Putin and KGB.

Those who are not yet tired, welcome theatre (El Teatro Angela Peralta) and Cultural Center Ignacio Ramires (Centro Cultural Ignacio RamíREZ). And the one, and the other we triggered attention, maybe undeservedly.

Raritet lovers will be happy, finding an old-press gas station. It seems she was installed on this very place almost at the beginning of the last century.

Yes, by the way, do not forget to look into Museum of toys (Museo del Juguete Popular Mexicano), do not think that it is interesting only to children. Here and folk Mexican toys, and wonderful Frida diped, and so favorite funny skeletons.

Who wants to get a picture of a beautiful panorama of San Miguel – will not pass by the main observation deck Cities – El Mirador. It opens with a really great view, especially at sunset.

In addition to aesthetic pleasure, being on Miradore, you can get new friends who will love you the more, the more you have nuts or something more delicious.

One day when all the central attractions were closely studied, went to boom out the outskirts. The goal was elected Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico El Charco Del Ingenio). Having passed a few kilometers in the heat, climbing into a hill, I only dreamed of splashing crowns of the trees of this garden. What was the surprise when approaching the closer and closer, we did not see any splashing forests. Well, right, we are in Mexico! We were welcomed by majestic cacti, even better for those that we saw in the ancient city of Teotihuacan.

In addition to the folding of these prickly beauties, there are a cute canyon in the park, a reservoir and several sightsets.

San Miguel de Allenda Jewelry Box

With attractions, it seems, everything is clear. But not only, and not even so much they attract travelers. San Miguel has its own, non-description charm and special energy. What makes you feel at home on the second day. Whether it is his cozy streets with low, painted in warm tones of houses, whether some provinciality. No wonder the many Americans and Europeans loved the city as a permanent place of residence.

Let’s go, we walk together on the streets of San Miguel de Allende, maybe the thoughts will appear what his secret will appear?

And how do you like such eared sympathets in the middle of the street? Yes, yes, not still switched to horsepower))

Another San Miguel is rich in the cute little things, by which it is impossible to pass, leaving them unnoticed. What is just an intricate door handles, signs, lanterns or signs with street names (perhaps, while the Sanmigels are the most beautiful and original).

As always final chord – People, face and soul of any city. It seemed to me that for the most part residents of San Miguel are not so friendly, as in other cities, they may already be tired of the flow of tourists, many of which remain and become permanent residents of their hometown. Gringo in the city really a lot, they damaged the entire center, and in the outskirts the full-full of their homes. Maybe the indigenous people feel some oppression on their part, for example, Americans, I think, do not miss the opportunity to show your superiority.

It seems that Americans have long become local here and feel very confident and comfortable.

Tourists are also full. Maybe because the San Miguel is so small, it seems that they are very, very many.

Where there are tourists, there is… who? Right! Sellers and beggars – classics of the genre.

But for the most part, the people live a common life: falls in love, resting, works, old.

By the way, in San Miguel, men love Mexican hats very much, literally every third in such, and we need to be colorful and very mexican. Therefore, I ask to love and complain – Collection of hatchikov.

Well, friends, in San Miguel de Allenda will never be bored, there will always be something interesting, even if you walk on the same places. Sightseeing from the guidebook will end, you can endlessly consider signs, signs, buildings, or simply to inhale the air romantic red-yellow Mexican province.

Pleasant to you walks on San Miguel, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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San Miguel de Allenda Jewelry Box

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