San Michele &# 8212; Venetian necropolis

San Michele Island Located directly opposite the Foundation New. Beautiful brick wall, bordering island seems to grow straight from the water of the lagoon. Island lies straight On the way to the island of Murano. Today San Michele known to the venetians and guests of the city as "Dead island" or cemetery. Stopping Vaporetto at the island and called &# 8212; "Cimitero" ("Cemetery").

Venice stands on 118 islands, which are connected by four hundred bridges. This is a small one, in general, the space includes a huge number of architectural masterpieces, a mass of canals and wonderful embankments, quiet areas with a lot of mysterious courtyards, lanes and zakulkov. Saturation of objects for impressions and discoveries is very dense. Sometimes I want to escape from this cycle of beauty and antiquities to just quietly breathe.

On the island of San Michele, Joseph Brodsky, Peter Wail, Sergey Dyagilev and Igor Stravinsky are buried

In this case – Milicia asking on the islands of the Venetian lagoon!

They are in the lagoon a lot but basic to visit &# 8212; five. Plus another couple-triple islands where there is something to see.

San Michele Island

History of San Michele

Initially, it was two islands, separated by a small channel: San Michele and San Cristoforo. In 1221 on San Michele The first cult facility was built. Later there was a monastery.

Since 1469 Island decorates Renaissance Church of St. Michael-on-Isle (so literally translates the name of the church San Michele In-Isola). Architect Mauro Kodussia built building innovatively: until all the churches in Venice were built of brick, his own church entirely rebuilt of white Istrian stone. Almost a century later, next to the church was built Emilian chapel.

In the first Italian campaign Napoleon gave Venice to the Austrians, which are arranged in a monastery prison. But during the Italian campaign, namely, in 1807, the same Napoleon ordered the city cemetery on the island. Prior to this, the Venetians were burying their dead in the town: in the churches, in the gardens near their homes.

First, under the burial ground left the Island of San Cristoforo, and then the channel that separated the island, filled. I share this information, since hardly any guides you will discover it. At the cemetery it is not exactly find.

What to see at San Michele

Coming from a vaporetto stop and on entering the gate, on the left you will see the monastery courtyard – cloister &# 8212; with ancient graves in the walls and the floor. The architectural decoration of the courtyard it will be interesting to fans of Renaissance art. Emilian Chapel architect Guglielmo dei Grigio It located next to the church. Here an interesting collection of sculptures.

What it seems to be doing in the cemetery? Other people’s graves few people might be interested in. But San Michele – beautiful cemetery and memorial. Some chapels and tombs – true architectural masterpieces.

Dumping of different ages, different religions – is not that interesting?

In addition to the famous Venetian and some foreigners, it houses four of our great countryman:

  • composer Igor Stravinsky with his wife,
  • famous impresario and theatrical figure Sergei Diaghilev,
  • Writer Peter Weill
  • and the great poet Joseph Brodsky.

How to find their graves

itself the cemetery is divided into zones, zone on sections. To find the graves of our compatriots, from the entrance walk straight. Passing the cloister (monastery courtyard), enter the single-gate and keep going straight. To your left will be the Children’s Alley (Recinto Bambini) – a benchmark. Then the entrance to the gate again, which will Index: EZRA POUND DIAGHILEV STRAWINSKI. Next you have to choose: left – The Protestant Cemetery – Reparto Evangelico: here are Ezra Pound and Joseph Brodsky. Right – Reparto Greco – Orthodox Cemetery, where his wife found peace Stravinsky and Diaghilev. These sites are in the neighborhood, each separate input.

Brodsky find the grave for the first time hard. But prompt: Log on to the territory, Go straight along the main avenue until the mid, after Turn left the alley slightly narrower center. Almost at the end of it, near the wall, on your right is the tomb of the unknown with a white vertical plate, where it is written "Joseph Brodsky", and a large rose bush on the grave. Stravinsky and Diaghilev are in the depths of an Orthodox cemetery, next to the wall. So, after going up on the central avenue of the wall, you can not go wrong: the left tombstone Diaghilev with a bunch of ballet shoes, the right two slabs covering the burial place Stravinsky.

The atmosphere at the San Michele not painful. Here is always calm and quiet. But be prepared for the fact that something a meal here will not work. Still, it is existing cemetery.

San Michele; Venetian necropolis

Hours cemetery

The cemetery of San Michele is open:

  • From October to March &# 8212; 8:30 &# 8212; 1:00
  • from April to September &# 8212; 8:30 &# 8212; eighteen.00

Free admission

Church and Chapel theoretically should also work at the same time, but they are often closed, so information about the possibility of their visit to get to know in advance at the tourist office. one such Bureau there right at the train station: It looks like a large stall with glass doors. You do not pass by, if you go from the station to the Scalzi Bridge.

How to get to San Michele

To get to «Cimitero» can be at vaporetto № 4.1 and No. 4.2 from the stop «Fondamente Nove».

Island San Michele definitely worth a visit, to distract from the main hustle of Venice. Good luck to you.

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San Michele; Venetian necropolis

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