San Marino

The aircraft can fly from many our cities to Italy, then go to San Marino. Bus can be reached from Germany.

How comfortable move on San Marino?

Road traffic: car rental: Taxi: Taxi travel is not expensive, taxi from the airport (located in Italian territory) to San Marino costs 44 euros

Buses: Between San Marino and Rimini regularly runs a bus, popular both among tourists and among employees of the tourist sphere. This route covers 20 stops, in T.C. railway station Rimini.

hitch-hiking: Airports: In San Marino No airports

Airlines: In San Marino there is no national airline

Railway: Now in San Marino there is no railway communication. Although before the Second World War during a short period of time there was a narrow-chain railway line. She joined the Republic with the Italian Network in Rimini. The road was opened on June 12, 1932. The rolling stock was represented by electric trains. As a result of World War II, the railway was destroyed, but the track from her remained: Breeches, tunnels and stations.

Where it is better to stop, traveling on San Marino?

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Climate in San Marino

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Country climate Subtropical Mediterranean: long, pretty dry, roast and sunny summer, especially on the plains, and a warm rainy winter, when cyclones often rush over the territory of San Marino. In winter, sometimes snow falls, sometimes quite significant, with driving. The average temperature of the warmest month — July in the country + 25° C, the coldest — January — Minus 1-4° WITH. Number of frosty days a year — 15-20.

In winter, the Adriatic coast is subject to the action of the cold northern and northeast wind ("Bora") who causes snowfall in winter and cloudy weather. Sometimes the northeast wind blows ("Grekala"). In the summer, breeze blows on the plain, and in the mountainous part of the republic — Mountain-valley winds. The average annual amount of precipitation — 890 mm.

Fertile brown subtropical and humus-carbonate soils predominate, Mediterranean reds. Mountain brown forest soils and soils of lower high-altitude belts are also found. Sanamarinians are struggling with erosion by afforesting slopes and terracilization, as well as regulate the mountain streams.

National Cuisine San Marino

In San Marino, Italian cuisine is distributed, but still there are some features in cooking.
For cooking use only fresh foods. Popular local dishes: Dark beans with bacon – Traditionally prepare for Christmas, soup with noodles with garlic and rosemary, pasta with smoked ham, cheese and beef, roast from rabbit. From desserts prefer cakes, cherry in wine.

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