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To write this report, I prompted me news in the Travel section that San Marino is a great place to run, "celebrate" And go next. I hope my little report will be able to convince someone that there is worth lingering a little longer.

The capital of the republic is the same city of San Marino, the symbol of which (and the whole state) are the three towers – Guaita, Cell and Montal and every time the bus is approaching Mount Monte – Titano joyful derivals say that the symbol of this tiny state seemed.
The coat of arms of the republic is decorated with three tower tower with the inscription Libertas (Lat. Freedom) and he expresses the amazing preservation of the independence of a small country surrounded by large states throughout its rich history.

Napoleon did not capture local lands and even offered the republic to expand his possessions at the expense of Italy, but they did not use this gift.
During the revolution and the unification of Italy, Garibaldi was hiding here with his family and army.
Each part in the territory should be unarmed – he also did not make an exception. San Marino is the first city in which a monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi was installed if you talk about Italy.
There are a lot of armory stores in the republic, and in general, trade is made on stream as San Marino is a duty-free area.

San Marino - Little, But the Mining Republic

At the foot of Mount Monte Titano, there is a city of Borgo Maggiore, from which with the help of the funicular you can reach the top of the mountain and the capital of the Republic.

While in Italy was nearly 40-degree heat, in San Marino we experienced relief – on the mountain, intense with the winds from all sides, was no more than 28 and at the same time quite fresh. Beautiful views of around added even more positive emotions.

San Marino - Little, But the Mining Republic

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