San Marino culture

Due to what lives "Country of freedom"?

In this state, transport problems. There is no airport, they enjoy the neighboring Rimini, no railway, no tram, trolley buses, minibuses, boats. Read more →

Alkopona | Autumn 2016

Rimini and San Marino

Returned to the station, from which he left by bus to San Marino at 10-40. Unhurried ride took about an hour, gradually we rose all the above. Read more →

Petr shvets | Winter 2016

San Marino culture

Secrets of San Marino or how to dilute the money of gullible tourists

At the heart of any well-established tourist business should be a clinging history or legend. Sanmaintsy in this regard is no exception. And you can praise them for originality. Read more →

13 facts about 13 countries in 11 days

Suitable by the end of my amazing journey in Europe. The stream of different information for these days was huge. In the meantime I will describe 13 facts about all countries visited by us. Read more →

San Marino

San Marino – awesome state in its appearance, spirit and history. It costs three rimov. I am very glad that the visit to San Marino fell on the last day of this trip. Going to Italy – Go to San Marino. Read more →

San Marino culture

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