San Leo fortress – the last reference of Caliostro Count

San Leo is a small town in the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy, which is known primarily due to his impregnable fortress, which is located on Mount Feltro, who was considered impregnable.

The population of the city has about 3,000 people and on a hot summer day, people outside here a rare phenomenon.

The main inhabitants, in my opinion, were numerous cats and cats, which Ginno looked around the streets, or rested in the shade of trees. Siesta in feline understanding.

A little walking around the city, tasted with delicious wild alyci, we go to the fortress – the main goal of our visit.

Lifting up the mountain is gentle, but it’s not easier to go from it – in the yard summer and about +38 degrees, so it falls with interruptions on water and in order to admire around the beauty of the nature of these places.

At the end of the lift in front of the entrance to the fortress, the artillery of the Second World War is met, which indicates that even such a cozy corner of the war could not bypass the party.

San Leo fortress - the last reference of Caliostro Count

The main exposition of the fortress is devoted to its direct appointment – prison for especially dangerous Vatican enemies and here first should be mentioned about the Caliostro column.
Great Spirit Caster, Adventurer and Alchemist Giuseppe Balsamo, known as Alessandro Caliostro, was sharpened in the fortress in 1791. and died here on August 26, 1795.
In the Camera Caliostro spent four years. And after he, according to eyewitnesses, managed without tools to turn a rusty nail into steel stylet, frightened guards closed him in the chain. Watching Caliostro was a worn. Jailers ordered to show special vigilance. Moreover, anonymous letters came to the papal smoke, which reported that the graph fans intend to release him. Four years spent in a close stone bag made their business and the immortal graph died. Some say – from pneumonia, others argue that from poison, feels in the jailers. The most interesting thing is that there is absolutely no evidence that the grave of Caliostro is located in the vicinity of San Leo, but in the chamber of the graph, people still carry flowers, giving tribute to his craving to comprehend science in those hard times.

Also in the fortress a very good selection of small and automatic weapons of the Second World War. Some exhibits may envy museums of larger.

Returning back still I want to note that the main goal for most tourists is precisely the atmosphere of the mysteriousness of the person of mysticism and an adventurer of Count Caliostro.

How to get:
Bus 165 walks once a day from Rimini train station at 12:08 (ticket 5 zone)
Bus 160 to Stop Pietracuta at 8:42, 13:08, 17:23 (3 zone)
In the Pietracuta transfer to the minibus to San-Leo (Blue Benedettini if ​​it was written correctly, but pronounced something like that) at 9:24, 13:58, 18:22
Payment by the driver of 1.5 euros one way per person, the minibus is empty (we went there and back alone)
Reverse timetable:
SAN-LEO – Pietracuta at 13:00 and 17:55
Bus 160 from Pietracuta in Rimini 13:34 and 18:57

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