San Jordi – Valentine’s Catalan Day

Books – Men. The origins are even easier with them. April 23, 1616, Shakespeare and Cervantes died. In Spain, few literature. The death of one of the three famous national writers in one day with an English classic is a great luck. There is no fact that a holiday, weekend it is necessary to establish.

From morning the streets are proceeding, all participants – with books. The leader waving a sword violently, rose tied to the sword. Roses everywhere: they are torn out of men’s backpacks and women’s legins. About pocket jackets and nothing to say. Although, in Barcelona, ​​it is clear that you don’t wear jackets.

I’m sick and think about the whole day: why accepted in the world ST. Valentine’s Day is so nasty, and Catalan San Jordi Wonderful. The essence is absolutely synonymous. And suddenly everything became clear. Corporations, organizations, factories, plants do not participate in San Jordi. Flowers sell adorable old men, beggar students, Pakistanis-emigrants, stray musicians. Stores work in standard mode. No special offers, nor special veins. In my opinion, they generally closed and all employees went for a walk. This is the principal thing, Antonym Megapolis. All honest and correctly traditionally, as if grandmother cooks pies. All, by and large, spit on profit (in general, rose costs 3 euros). Catalants just love a dusted performance: chatter, music, passersby. Going to sell, take columns, violins. If there is nothing, they say very loud. It is important to produce sound, drilling. This, in the end, Southern Europe.

San Jordi - Valentine's Catalan Day

And the very fact of the book, as the main gift, is much changing the case. This, if it went, enlightening masses. Catalants are not famous for literary advancement. Not a single famous local author. Although they read so little, through love, walking and spring.

In general, sincere, good day in Barcelona April 23. You can come to the future if that. Ticket one hundred euros from Moscow stands.

San Jordi - Valentine's Catalan Day

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