Isaon Island in Dominican Republic: photo from excursion and description

Isaon Island is so beautiful that it was he who was chosen for the shooting of advertising chocolate "Bounty".

Many readers remember the advertising slogan "Bounty – Paradise Delight" and video orders with a tropical island, coconut palm trees and a beautiful girl in bikini, it is the island of Saon. It was here that this ad was filmed.

If you watched this advertisement and wanted to get into this paradise, then in the Dominican Republic you will have the opportunity to do. We do not guarantee that you will fall on this beach from advertising, but the landscape will be recognizable.

The program of the excursion includes a boat walk along the island, swimming on shames and stay on the beach. We can say that the excursion has both educational and entertainment components.

Sonta Island is located near the resort of La Romana. In the La Roman not so long ago built a new passenger terminal, especially for tourists traveling to the islands or diving. New docks in the port cost Dominican Republic 12 million dollars. Port of La Roman is called Casa de Campo (Casa de Campo International Tourist Port). Go to the island of Saon you will comfort.

Sonta Island is a national park, or rather enters the national park, called "East". On the island of Saon there are many animals and plants of endemics, that is, animals and plants that are found only here. For ours, I will give an example of Lake Baikal, in which such endemics are found like Omul (fish) or Nerpe (Cat). Very funny to watch tin cans with the inscription "Omul Baikal", since it does not live anywhere in except Baikal. About animals and plants on the island of Saon we will talk later.

As soon as you sail from the port of La Roman, your way to the island will be about half an hour. The distance from the port to the island of about 15 kilometers. From the resort of Punta Cana, the distance to the island of Saon is a little more, about 20 kilometers, but tourists on boats from Punta Kata can be brought rarely, the overwhelming majority of excursions from the island are floating out of the la novel.

In the port of La Roman, many vessels who take tourists to Sonta Island, predict what kind of boat will be, it is impossible, the size of the vessel will depend on the size of your travel group. It is the boats, small ships, large vessels near the island will simply be stranded. On the left you see a photo of one of the tourist boats.

Most of the coast of the island of rocky, many rocks have bizarre forms. On the island of Saon, a lot of caves that were actively used by Indians-Taine (Aravaki) for housing, and later like shelter from Europeans.

No one cuts down the tropical forests on the island of Saona, it is strictly forbidden, the rainforest here, literally, trying to win the space by the sea.

Slowing along the coast, enjoying the views of the beautiful nature of the rainforest and rocky shores, you will get to the beach area. Here many tourists are waiting for a surprise, you will not be lucky to the beach, but will offer to swim in a hundred meters from it. In fact, it is very fun, in some places of San island near the beach there is a shallow depth of about one meter. Tourists traditionally carry here to swim, the sea in this place has a beautiful blue color, swim is one pleasure.

After swimming and traditional adoption of alcoholic beverages, namely Roma and cocktails, you will be lucky to the beach. We do not know how this tradition was formed during this excursion, to use rum and cocktails during bathing, but she definitely there, we were told about all the tourists who visited it.

To be honest, we were a little disappointed as the beach, as the sand was not so snow-white, as in the advertising of chocolates "Bounty" and in advertising prospects.

Talking with the guide, we found out that the beach, on which we arrived, the most popular, but not the most "white". There are other beaches where white sand, but tourists do not carry there. There are dangerous types of animals, and excursions are officially prohibited.

People live on the island of Saon, there are several fishing villages here. They were already here at the time of education of the National Park.

The nature of the island is very diverse, here you can meet several types of rainforests with different sets of flora and fauna. Above we said that the forest is trying to win the space by the sea. Such forests are called "mangrove". This is a very rare spectacle, mangrove forests are not so often, and while walking on the boat along the coast of Sona Island, you will see them.

San Island in Dominican Republic photo with excursion and description

The most famous animals that are found near Saon Island are starfishes. They live here with whole colonies.

Sea stars are of different sizes, shapes and color. Starfish does not necessarily have a five-pointed form. The most frequent color of the marine stars is red, but there are yellow, orange and purple specimens.

These organisms are very sensitive to temperature, they need warm water. On the shallows of the Saon Island, their many, as the conditions for marine stars here are ideal.

We categorically do not recommend them to touch our bare hands, most of them are "hugging", even poisonous specimens are found.

The rest of the nature of nature you will not be able to see during an excursion, the time you can spend on the beach of Saon Island is limited, and the jungle walks guides forbid. They can be understood, they do not want to engage in the search for tourists, if those are lost in the jungle.

Perhaps on the beach you will meet lizards or birds. You can often see dolphins in the sea, although their appearance during the excursion is not guaranteed. On the island of Saon, there are many turtles, on the beaches of the island they lay eggs, but they do not carry tourists on these beaches.

Excursion to the island of Saon is very interesting, as it gives the opportunity to see the mangrove forests, swim on the shames and visit the tropical clean beach.

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San Island in Dominican Republic photo with excursion and description

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