San George Maggiore – Hyde on the most undervalued Island of Venice

The first thing that sees the guest of Venice, passing with Piazza San Marco past the palace of the guy to the lagoon is White facade The churches and the tower of the bell tower behind him on a small island lying among the waters of the lagoon directly opposite the buildings of the Palace of the Doge and Prison Piombi. From the embankment to the island San George Maggiore One stop on the Vaporetto, 300 meters water.

There is usually, Lovely. To the left of the entrance to the church you can see a lighthouse turret and a small harbor for yachts, on the right – a high brick wall, followed by obviously something monastic.

This is the island for many Venice guests in the sphere of their interests is not included, but in vain! On the other hand, it is good: in the absence of a crowd of zoo, in silence and rest you can safely Enjoy the beauty of Venice and lagoon.

Historical excursion

Islet, and this is the island – the area of ​​just 0.099 square meters. km, was mastered during the Roman Empire. It was all covered with gardens and vineyards. There were a lot of cypresses, which He was called "Cypress Island". In the X century, the island founded the Benedictine Monastery. The monastery over the century collapsed several times (for example, in 1223 from the earthquake), but he was restored.

Worked from 1558 in Venice famous, and later the Grand Architect Andrea Palladio was invited to the monastery to participate in the reconstruction of the refectory. Later he was asked to design the church on the island, which he did. By 1610, the church was built. In 1791, Campanil (Bell Tower) was built.

In 1800, a conclusion was held in this church, which was chosen by the Piassian Pia VII, immediately and crowned.

Since 1808, the fate of the monastery and the church has changed cool: Napoleon closed the monastery and redid his premises in the barracks by changing them to be unrecognizable.

In 1951 Count Vittorio Chini, Politician and entrepreneur, the founder of the Finnish Foundation, bought, renovated the monastery and placed in it a collection of his foundation.

What to do on San George

First of all, Cannot hurry. San George – Place sacred, sleep does not tolerate. On the island you need to go consciously. Why, let’s explain a little later.

Be sure to go to the Cathedral. This creation Andrea Palladio, built in 1566-1610., Today is One of the architectural pearls of Venice (after the death of Palladio, the construction was led and brought it to the completion of his student Vincenzo Skamotii).

Trihnefna Church with a unique altar Girolamo Campagni keeps picturesque Masterpieces Tintoretto. If you manage to get to the festive service, you can hear Grigorian singing.

The main thing is that it is necessary to do is climb the bell tower: the species that will open from there are much better than species from Campanis San Marco.

How to climb the bell tower

Before you will be All Slavic Embankment, And behind it and the whole city, turning back, you will see the lagoon moving into the Adriatic Sea. Right from you will lie Lido Island, Left – Judecca.

Church of San George Maggiore Opened with 9.00 to 19.00 (from April to October) and from 8.30 to 18.00 (from November to March).

Naturally, during the liturgy and saints, MESS entrance to the church is simple for its inspection closed. That’s why Sunday there is better to go to 10 am or after 14.00.

Entrance to the church is free, But rise At Campanil costs 6 euros. You can get to the tower by passing through the whole church and coming to the door to the left of the altar. There is an employee of the cathedral that sells tickets and shows the road to the elevator.

Museum of the Chini Foundation

If you get out of the cathedral and turn right, behind the angle, then passing by the harbor for the yacht, you can Get to the Reni Foundation Museum. This is a tremendous interesting collection of Venetian painting and sculptures, vintage manuscripts, weapons, porcelain and interior items.

Of particular interest is Labyrinth Borheles, Located in the old club of the former monastery. This labyrinth of plants, various figures, items, mirrors, folding, if viewed from above, in the surname of the writer, built in the 25th anniversary of his death; Borges has repeatedly been in this place.

Chini Foundation Museums Open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 am to five in the evening (from April to October) and from 10.00 to 16.00 (from November to March).

Excursions with the Italian guide are held at 10, 12, 14 and 16 hours, With French and English guides – at 11, 13, 15 and 17 hours (in winter time excursions in 17.00 no).

During weekdays Museums take only group visits (group up to 12 people) by reservation. Ticket costs 10 euros.

Website of the Foundation Rini: www.Cini.IT.

Silence and peace This place, history and marching, a unique collection of the Foundation, Palladio Church and Fantastic types of bell tower will give you a few hours of absolutely leisurely life very close to the fussy and screaming Venice. That is why I wrote about the awareness of the trip to San George Maggiore.

Where to eat on San George

San George Maggiore - Hyde on the most undervalued Island of Venice

The same way as to the museums of the Quini Foundation will lead you To a small and cozy cafe. You can sit inside or in the air in the courtyard, you will be offered a menu where there is everything from cool drinks to hot dishes. Prices are democratic.

How to get to San George

From Stopping Vaporetto "San Zaccaria" Route №2. Leaving &# 8212; "Isola San Giorgio". The same route you will return to the city. The only thing on the way back will you have to get out without San Marco, but the ferry embankment (Zattere).

How do you think is whether San Georgio Maggiore is worthwhile to those who arrived in Venice for the first time? Or is this place for already sophisticated city lovers on the water? Write in the comments&# 8230;

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San George Maggiore - Hyde on the most undervalued Island of Venice

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