San Francisco – 20 attractions for 2 days (2nd day)

In the previous article, I am the plan-review of attractions that can be visited in San Francisco in one day. In this we will continue walking around the city and see where you can go if there is another day in stock. Let me remind you that these are only recommendations, and you can make your own action plan, having drawn some common ideas from my reviews. For example, in San Francisco there are many museums and attractions, none of which we did not pay attention. I think they should lay at least a whole day if you like this pastime. Shopping, concerts and restaurants remained for us as side (for all this is perfectly suitable for the evening).

In the second article dedicated to the sights of San Francisco, read about:

2 day in San Francisco

As I already wrote, we are with Andrews. Fans of hiking and leisurely familiarity with city attractions. The second day we devoted to the study of such places in San Francisco, as:

  • Richmond area (wide streets with local buildings),
  • Lands End (View of the Pacific Ocean and Gold Gate Bridge),
  • SEA Cliff (Dear area with steep mansions),
  • GOLDEN GATE PARK (Big Park, Rogged Sights),
  • Aloamo Square Park (Park, which overlooks the famous Victorian mansions).

Before you go for a walk, you need to park the car, if, of course, you did not prefer moving around the city by public transport. We, for example, filmed housing in Auckland, so the center of San Francisco traveled on a car. About parking I wrote at the beginning of the first article, so I will not repeat.

Awer Richmond (Outer Richmond)

We did not plan to visit the Richmond district, and they got here by chance, heading from Fulton Street, on which they left the car, to the town called «Edge of land».

In general, Richmond, or rather, that part of it, through which we passed (Outer Richmond), nothing of the row of outstanding. Wide streets, ordinary houses of ordinary residents. Occasionally Finding Cute Copies.

To date, a large our-speaking community is concentrated in Richmond, and still fully Chinese, which seems to have enough everywhere in the city.

«Edge of land» LANDS END)

«Edge of land» — This is the northwestern tip of San Francisco, along which a picturesque trail stretches (Lands End Trail). From this Treiler, breathtaking views are open at once on three sights: the Pacific Ocean, the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Just for the sake of these species it is worth getting here. Add even remoteness from urban fuss, thickets of cypresses, the opportunity to see sea lions, fresh air, cheerful breeze, and definitely will not be able to look here. More information about Lands End Search on this site.

In the depths of the park (Lincoln Park) you can find a museum Legion of Honor, which presents a fairly large collection of European art exhibits. The building itself is erected in honor of the victims of World War I.

Location: 100 34th Avenue.

The cost of the entrance ticket: Adults – 10 dollars, children (up to 12 years) – free, teens (13-17 years old) – 6 dollars, elderly (65 years old) – 7 dollars, first Tuesday month – Free for all.

Mode of operation: Tuesday-Sunday from 9:30 to 17:15 (about holidays Specify on the site).

Additional Information: Details can be found on the official website.

Sutro Baths (Sutro Baths)

South South Lands End You will find another landmark entitled Sutro Baths (Sutro Baths). These are the ruins of the current public pool. It was built this miracle was at the end of the nineteenth century by a millionaire Adolf Satro. Acknowledgment Public Bath for residents of San Francisco. Satro-Batts were created on the idea of ​​Adolf not only for recreation, but also for the purpose of enlightenment, since visitors could admire paintings, sculptures and even Egyptian pyramids.

Location: The northern tip of Ocean Beach Beach (Ocean Beach), a landmark can serve as 680 Point Lobos Avenue.

Additional Information: Visiting Ruins can be combined with dinner or dinner in a notorious restaurant Cliff House. In the second half of the XIX century there was a resort for the rich. Even presidents were as guests. I do not know how to the Cliff House with meals, but a magnificent panoramic view from the window, apparently, is provided.

Book a place here is here. Middle check – 20-30 dollars.

Si-Cliff area (Sea Cliff) and 32nd Avenue (32nd Avenue)

From Lincoln Park aside Golden Gate Park, you can get out through the residential part of the SI-Cliff area. We did and taking advantage of the 32nd Avenue. It turned out that this is another place in love with the rich, as evidenced by numerous chic mansions.

As it turned out, once a familiar photographer Ansel Adams lived in this area, famous for her pictures of Yosemite Park.

Park Golden Gate (Golden Gate Park)

Going to Golden Gate Park, keep in mind that it is huge! You can spend in a quick way and may not work. He is even more than the New York Central Park and is the third in popularity in all states.

In the Scheme you can see a list of all the attractions located on the Park. Some of them are greater interest, some smaller, which is from this to visit – Decide by yourself.

As you can see, in the park you will find lakes, gardens, museums, academy of sciences, sports grounds, stadiums, golf courses, shady paths and a lot more. For convenience of moving, you can rent a bike (search for information on the official website).

The cost of the entrance ticket: It is possible to get into the park of the park for free, but for visiting certain attractions will have to pay.

Mode of operation: You can visit the park at any time from 6:00 to 22:00.

Additional Information:Official Park site and another site.


In the park, the Golden Gate has exactly ten lakes. All of them are quite compact and cozy. The most interesting and popular lake – Stow-Lake (Stow Lake), within which is located «Strawberry Hill» STRAWBERRY HILL). From the top of the island opens a good view of the city, and there is a waterfall and a lot of birds. You can get there by two diametrically located bridges. Those who wish can ride on Stow-Lake on a boat or catamaran.


What, and to get roaring in Golden-Gate Park, there is exactly where, after all, its area is about four hundred hectares and all these lands are made by the paths. Only imagine, these paths are trapped more than thirteen million people! The scale is impressive.

Rose Garden (Rose Garden)

Amateur flowers and plants in general will undoubtedly find something in the park. For them there is a full detached. To begin with, you can admire gorgeous flowers in the rose garden. It seems that I have never seen such a variety, but I will not even write about the fragrance…

There are about six dozen different varieties in the garden, so that blooming roses can be observed all year round.

The cost of the entrance ticket: everyone can visit roses free.

Mode of operation: Coincides with the hours of work Park.

Japanese TEA Garden

In this garden, you will see the Japanese-style buildings, visit the tea ceremony, to buy souvenirs and just relax. Great place to relax from the fuss and plunge into the world of the East and its traditions.

Scheme of the Japanese Garden:

Location: Japanese Tea Garden is located at 75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive, east of Stow Lake.

The cost of the entrance ticket: Adults – 8 dollars, elderly (65 years old and older) – 6 dollars, adolescents (12-17 years old) – 6 dollars, children (5-11 children) – 2 dollars, children (up to 4 years) – is free. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in the Japanese Tea Garden you can get free if you come to 10:00.

Mode of operation: Every day, in the summer (from March 1 to October 31) from 9:00 to 18:00, in winter (from November 1 to February 28) from 9:00 to 16:45.

San Francisco - 20 attractions for 2 days (2nd day)

Additional Information:official site.

Botanical Garden (San Francisco Botanical Garden)

Botanical Garden is divided into zones, each of which has plants from different countries: South America, Australia, Africa, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and others. Here you can see about eight thousand Flora representatives: all kinds of plants, flowers and trees.

In addition to the independent walk, you can look into the library, a book-souvenir shop, to buy a pot with some plant, arrange a picnic or visit one of the excursions.

Botanical Garden Scheme:

Location: At the intersection of Streets 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way (Main Login), Martin Luther King JR. DRIVE (Northern Login).

The cost of the entrance ticket: Adults – 7 dollars, elderly (65 years and older) – 5 dollars, adolescents (12-17 years old) – 5 dollars, children (5-11 children) – 2 dollars, children (up to 4 years) – Free, family (2 adults + children under 17) – 15 dollars. Every day you can get to the botanical garden for free if you come from 7:30 to 9:00, the same, if you find yourself in the garden on Tuesday of the month, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year.

Mode of operation: daily, in spring and summer – From 7:30 to 18:00, in the fall and winter – from 7:30 to 16:00 or 17:00 (it is better to specify on the site or by phone, because different sources are indicated different hours of operation).

Additional Information:Official site of the Botanical Garden.

On the territory of the garden it is impossible:

  • litter,
  • to ride bikes,
  • walk with homemade pets,
  • Feed wild animals,
  • smoking,
  • rip out,
  • exercise,
  • arrange campgrounds.

California Academy of Sciences (California Academy of Sciences)

Academy of Sciences, she is the Museum of Natural History, is open to visitors who are thirsty to get acquainted with history from prehistoric times to the present day, see a large aquarium, planetarium and much more. The Academy conducts research in a wide variety of areas, such as anthropology, botany, geology, etc. We did not visit her, but were in the Museum of Natural History in New York, where it was very interesting and informative, I can assume that here the same.

Address: 55 Music Concourse DRIVE.

The cost of the entrance ticket: Adults – 34.95 dollars, elderly (65 years and older) – 29.95 dollars, adolescents (12-17 years old) – 29.95 dollars, children (4-11 children) – 24,95 dollars, children (3 years and younger) – is free.

Mode of operation: Monday through Saturday – from 9:30 to 17:00, on Sunday – from 11:00 to 17:00, last entrance – at 16:00.

Additional Information:Official site of the Academy of Sciences.

In addition to all the above, you can visit:

  • Conservatory Color (Conservatory of Flowers) – Indoor Botanical Garden, which presents about 2000 plants;
  • Memorial Museum M. NS. de Yang Museum – Pictures, frescoes, sculptures, textiles + observation tower with a beautiful view of the city;
  • Open music playground, on which musical representations are periodically held;
  • Walking for Bison Paddock;
  • Entertainment for children, For example, Carousel (198 John F Kennedy Drive) .

Alamo Square Park

Recommended to get to a small park called Alamo, located east of the park Golden Gate. For what? In order to see and capture famous multicolored Victorian mansions that are bangible on the lion’s share of San Francisco Postcards.

Now on the eastern tip of Alamo Park, you can see seven very similar to each other houses, which miraculously survived the earthquake of the beginning of the twentieth century. They are called «Decreased lady» (Painted Ladies) or just «Sistors». In one of the Victorian mansions, a museum is arranged, so everyone can look at the house from within.

Here is a set of attractions for the second day in San Francisco. In fact, even in one Golden Gate Park, you can spend a whole day if you go to all museums and on tea ceremony, so set up priorities and choose what is most interesting for you.

What else can I see in San Francisco?

Andrusix in a couple of days spent in the city saw and visited, of course, not all of his districts and attractions. At a minimum, aside remained:

  • South of Market (Soma);
  • Civic Center district and its Asian Art Museum (Asian Art Museum) and City Hall San Francisco (City Hall);
  • FINANCIAL DISTRICT, the main part of which we drove, only from the car window when I got acquainted with glass skyscrapers, people in jackets and serious signs:
  • Exploratorium Museum (Exploratorium);
  • Amusement Park MuséE MéCANIQUE;
  • Coyt Tower (Coit Tower);
  • Ocean Beach Beach (Ocean Beach), and this is not all.

I recommend reading an article about the sights of the first day, if you have not done this yet. There are described the most popular specimens, as well as full practical information (housing, public transport, how to get from the airport, etc.).

Photogenic to you walks on San Francisco, dear readers!

Hello Hello from Sheboldasika and Andrewsix

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Accommodation in San Francisco

In the first article, I already affected this question, so it makes no sense to repeat. I will give only links to useful materials for those who do not want to read about the 1st day in San Francisco, but I want to find accommodation on our recommendations:

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