San Francisco – 20 attractions for 2 days (1st day) Part 2

South of Fisherman’S Wharf spread the RUSSIAN HILL district («our hill»). As it is clear from the title, it is located on the hill, and therefore rich in panoramic views. There are no individual bright attractions here (with the exception of the street, which is described below), but many pedestrian alley and cute houses. Immediately warning: do not count on a measured walk – You will have to climb up, then drop down.

Why hill «our»? If you believe stories, there was a our cemetery once on his top, and at the beginning of the last century, our emigrants chose a slide. Now our compatriots are practically no, but the name has been preserved.

Lombard Street (Lombard Street)

Rashen Hill District is worth visiting at least in order to take a picture of the world’s most winding street, more precisely, a small area of ​​Lombard Street, similar to the wriggling snake.

Photos from geolocation.WS.

We are about this «Zigzag luck» absolutely did not know anything (apparently someone badly prepared for the trip), otherwise they would find him and he got a cool photo. So look for yourself, on the map this section of the road is clearly visible.

By the way, this snake was built in order for cars to absorb on one of the steep slopes of the our hill. As for me, you need to be a driver-virtuoso to overcome such an obstacle.

Nob Hill area (Nob Hill)

Nob Hill was attached to the south of the our hill and is the highest point in the city, around which the richest people of the city were once settled. In the area and now you can see a lot of beautiful buildings, many of which praised the chic hotels. It is believed that nob hill – One of the most expensive areas of the city.

In general, a pleasant place for walking.

Cable tram (Cable-Car)

The first thing that rushes into the eyes when you go to Hyde Street (Hyde Street) – These are cute wooden trams. To date, they are a historical monument and the current public transport means in one person. I do not know if local moves – All the trams that we have seen were a column clogged with tourists, I think there is not a single place for residents of the city in them.

Cable trams belong to San Francisco attractions from the section «MUST SEE», Or rather, «Must Try».

Technical information (travel costs, routes, subscriptions) are looking for at the end of the article.

Militude Cathedral of the Lord (Grace Cathedral)

In the heart of the Nob Hill District, the Militude Cathedral of the Lord. Huge and majestic, it was created on the sample of the Cathedral of the Paris Mother. If there is a minute – Look inside and evaluate the entire scale to the full. Especially nice the cathedral will please his cool on a hot summer day.

Address: 1100 California Street.

The cost of the entrance ticket: The entrance is free, but donations are welcome (about 5 dollars, we did not pay anything).

Mode of operation: Cathedral is open to visitors from 8:00 to 18:00.

Additional Information:Official site of the cathedral.

California Street

California Street, passing through all the same area of ​​Nob Hill, generous to cute city landscapes, which, besides, very photogenic.

Union Square Square

Around this small area, many hotels, shopping centers, souvenir shops and theaters are crushed. Summary entertainment center.

On the Yunion Square, apparently, often undergo various miscalculated events. For example, we caught some fun mass dances to which everyone could join.

Chinese Quarter (Chinatown)

Chinatown district – Little China within San Francisco. Chinese emigrants came out here, and so, apparently, there was a lot of moved a lot that today the Chinese make up the fifth part of the population of San Francisco.

What is the Chinese Quarter? Noise, gam, fuss, shops – One big bazaar. Picture complement signs in Chinese and ridiculous residential buildings. Only occurring from time to the time of the roof Pagoda add a certain Asian flavor.

TranSamerica Pyramid Pyramid

San Francisco - 20 attractions for 2 days (1st day) Part 2

Transemer’s pyramid first of all is famous for its unusual form that distinguishes it from standard buildings. This is the highest building in San Francisco, riding up 48 floors. Once it was criticized for not fitting design, and today it is the most recognizable skyscraper in the city.

Address: 600 Montgomery Street (FINANCIAL DISTRICT).

Additional Information:official site.

Golden Gate Bridge (Golden Gate Bridge)

The most famous bridge in San Francisco, maybe in all of California, a business card of the city – Handsome Golden Gate. How love to show it in movies! I dedicated to him a separate mini article.

Beach Beach (Baker Beach)

Complete the first walking day can be a visit to one of the beaches of San Francisco, namely Baker Beach. At sunset it is especially beautiful. Tourists flock here mainly in order to make «Golden» Golden Gate Bridge Photos.

In good weather, at the corresponding temperature and the availability of desires, you can swim if urban beaches are not confused. Keep in mind that in its northern part – Nudist zone. We just watched one hopopic there and did not immediately understand what he forgot it there)) in the southern part – Beach for traditionally customized citizens.

Baker Beach can be calmly ride by car, there is free parking.

That’s how much interesting can be seen in one day in Frisco! You can take our route as a basis, to remove something, add something and get a lot of unforgettable impressions.

In continuation to this article, read about the attractions that you can see if you have the second day. There you will find information about what else can be seen in San Francisco, besides what we managed to visit.

Exciting you walking on San Francisco, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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