San Diego (California)

San Diego – 2nd population city in California after Los Angeles. Is among the ten largest cities in the United States, occupying 9th place in this list. San Diego is located on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in the south of the western coast of the United States near the border with Mexico. The population of the city is more than 1.3 million residents (1.355,896 as of 2013).

V «Big San Diego», T.E. In San Diego with suburbs, more than 3 million people live. Thus, this urban agglomeration is the 17th in the United States in terms of population. San Diego is the oldest American city on the west coast. It was founded in 1769 by the Spaniards, although Europeans were in these areas from the 16th century. Since 1848 (since the signing of the world between the United States and Mexico) San Diego legally belongs to the United States. Despite the proximity to Mexico, residents of Latin American origin (any race) relatively little – 30%. Most make up white – 43%.

Being since the beginning of the 20th century, the location of the Military World Forces of the United States, San Diego has the most loaded military port in the world. Several aircraft carriers are assigned to the port of Coronado, as well as other warships and submarines. The location of the military in the city affected the development of defense, shipbuilding and aerospace production. However, the change in the geopolitical situation in recent decades has led to the folding of military programs and strengthening the diversification of the economy. Currently, the foundation of the San Diego economy is tourism, agriculture and biotechnology, military production, electronics production and software development, shipbuilding, telecommunications sector, financial and business services.

Relatively warm ocean, soft climate, luxurious beaches, safety and Hispanic mexican flavor attracted to the city crowd of tourists. In 2009, San Diego visited more than 30 million guests, which are summarized in the treasury of the city about 9 billion dollars. Among the main attractions – a huge zoo of San Diego, Wild Animal Park (Wild Animal Park), Park Seaworld, Balboa Park (Balboa Park), La Jolla district and others. San Diego – city of parks and beaches . Currently there are about 190 parks, 26 of which are located along the ocean. Beaches occupy most of the 70 mile coastal line segment.

Racial composition for 2013

    San Diego (California)
  • White – 42.9%
  • Latin American – 29.9%
  • Asians – 17.1%
  • African Americans – 6.0%
  • Mixed races – 3.3%
  • Pacific origin – 0.4%
  • Indians – 0.3%

Income and accommodation for 2013

  • Middle income per person – $ 33492
  • The average cost of the house – $ 444200
  • The average rental cost of housing – $ 1333
  • Unemployment (June 2014) – 6.1%
  • Residents living below the poverty line – 15.8%

The cost of living is high. Life value rating is estimated at 131.7 (100 – the average value of the United States).

San Diego (California)

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