San Cristobal de Las Casas – City for Peloeny Rain

That San Cristobal differs from other cities, we knew perfectly in advance. He is different at least because there is cool, because it hurt it high enough in the mountains. Represent, cool! On us this is a magical word after the roast Puerto Escondido and a stuffy-tourse, Gutierres shed like a soul balm. For some reason, the final part of the dialogue with the taxi driver on the way to the bus station Tusly was not particularly alarmed.

— And where are you going?
— In San Cristobal.
— Mmmm. Coldly!

Well, you never know, then for these Mexicans it is cold.

At noon sitting on the bus. The driver apparently having a goal to prepare us to all bad weather, includes air conditioning at maximum. Okay, we are scientists, with warm sweaters and scarves. Went in them as Eskimos on the envy of less transpublished passengers.

It does not pass and half an hour as landscapes outside the window begin to change dramatically: the slides are becoming higher and higher, the clouds are lowered and below. The bus confidently picks up a height, prescribing a pretzel on a mountain road and clearly not going to surrender.

On the outcome of the timetable time schedule, arrive at the modest bus station of the city with Gordy name San Cristobal de Las CasaSan Cristobal De Las Casaa). Come out of the bus and understand that the sweatshirts can not be removed! Wow, really cool! Neither hot, nor cold, namely comfortable: blows the fresh breeze, from time to time the sun bites from time to the clouds. That’s just that this half of the local in jackets goes?

Look around, breathe air plump and go to look for accommodation. Find room at the hotel, sit down and only in an hour we understand that the room is cold. That is, really cold! Not immediately noticed after a walk with their sweaty backpacks. CSO, also two woolen blankets on the beds. HM.

What do you think happens in the evening? In the evening, the real shower begins, such when the nose on the street is impossible to narrow, because water pours like a bucket. Becomes even colder and more. So you talked there, comrade taxi driver? Coldly?

The next couple of days the picture does not change: cold and rain, cold and rain, gray hopelessness. We are patiently waiting for good weather to go on a date with the city. Weather forecast seems to be mocking, every time he instilled hope, which is not destined to come true: there is neither the sun, nor at least the absence of rain. Only on the third day stops knocking on the roof.

Easy, more likely, we move to walk on San Cristobal!

What to see in San Cristobal

We choose from your hole outside: everything around the gray, wet, uncomfortable. Only enthusiasm and curiosity saves. On hands a whole list of attractions. So with what would start? The first on the way was the church, and More precisely, the temple of Saint Francisco (Templo de San Francisco de ASIS).

If earlier we looked in the church to cool, then in this threshold they cross with hope that there will be even a bit warmer than on the street. But no, not warmer.

Imagine, this is how to take and freeze in the middle of Mexico in mid-May. Anecdote, and only!

Come out of the church and go where the eyes look. They looked aside aside Triumphal Arch Carmen ARCO DEL CARMEN). Eh, in sunny weather, it clearly looks all over…

Two steps from the arch of the same Cultural Center Carmen (Centro Cultural El Carmen). Go away? Perhaps yes, there is warmer, today it is an indisputable plus!

Cultural Center, he is a cultural center: someone draws someone embroiders, someone flowers plant.

We go out on the street and soon we get to the central tourist Real de Guadalupe. VMIG drew it with Andrews San Cristobalsky Arbat: everywhere cafe, restaurants, shops with souvenirs and clothing, creative characters, giving their talents for free or for money, begging, sold. In general, here she is where all life!

A pretty place, maybe it will be possible to look at it in sunny weather?

San Cristobal In general, the town is very pleasant. From all sides, it is surrounded by picturesque mountains, it is those due to which he is so different from other cities and externally and weather. On a couple of holmikov, there is even an opportunity to climb to admire the panorama of the city from the height. Is it possible to miss this opportunity? No! So we go confident aside San Chrisobal Hill (CERRO DE SAN CRISTOBAL). Voivo he can be seen.

Steps, steps, steps, left, right, left, right. Fuh! Look back and here it is, San Cristobal in all its glory! TOT M Foggy Albion.

And on the top of the hill attached the church. Ordinary, nothing remarkable. If it were not for the people, sinking around, yes praying inside. What is special in it, you ask? And the fact that these are Indians. Yes yes, the most real! Well, in any case, their straight descendants.

Gloomy faces, unwriting views, unaccustomed clothes, sometimes sometimes on costumes, put on purpose specifically for presentation. In the vicinity of San Cristobal, they say the highest percentage of indigenous population in Mexico. Who knows him maybe it is. It is clear one thing that so many Indians we have not yet met anywhere.

Go away from the hill, ahead still so much interesting! If only the rain did not start.

Cute streets of San Cristobal, as far as they can be such in the frame of gray dull weather, lead us to the opposite hill. I do not want to watch the list of attractions, go, for the Nativity. What is the difference, what is the name of this church or this street. It is important that one: I like it or not, causes some emotions or leaves indifferent. Oh no! Starts raining. First uncertainly, then develops into a thrust monotone rhythm. Wear hoods and persistently moving on. We waited three days to get out of the room of God, just do not give up!

Narrow paved sidewalks and streets, multicolored houses, churches, square – All the charms of a small colonial town.

And so everything would be fine, but this neavity, dampness and gray does not allow to fully penetrate the emotions in the frozen soul. Eyes see, and the heart does not feel.

I hurt from bad weather in the urban. Two wet chicks. Mexico, so you and you are? Envoy and cold. But just a little more sun and San Cristobal could stand in one row with San Mighel, Guanajuato and Keretaro.

— It seems that the rain will not end…
— Yes no, see, almost nothing drips from the sky.
— Let’s go further to walk or home?
— Let’s go further.

Said – made! Sleeping on wet sidewalks towards another hill. It is interesting to look at the city from the height.

There are several features from San Cristobal, which we have not yet met in any other Mexican city. In addition to mountains, cold and Indians, this is also the clouds. Such, which descend directly to the city and literally hug the roofs of houses.

Stretch started us upstairs. Clouds have become more closer. Mysteriously spectacle, is not true?

Today, our San Cristobal is like this: cloud, wet and asked graffiti, with umbrellas and warm jackets.

In the habit, look into the courtyard interested. Just a hotel, but what picturesque. Brown greens and dampness resemble Vietnamese Hanoi.

We are imperceptibly published in the center. San Cristobal de Las Casas – The town is miniature, per day you can get around, and its central part and that less. I would even say that it looks like a toy. Single little island of life squeezed between the mountains.

Want, I will tell you about one feature of this city? Tile. It seems that it is covered with half of all roofs. Old, good, darkened on time and rain tiles. What could be romantic?

Romance romance, but the rain stubbornly does not want to stop, but only gains strength. In this weather, sit at home, looked into the blanket, drink hot tea and watch the movie. Maybe? Perhaps let’s go home, wait for the day.

Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Ahh, it’s raining drums on the roof and knocks on the windows, making only small breaks in order to gain strength.

Oh, look, the sun came out, the sky replaced the anger to mercy and instead of black clouds appeared white fluffy clouds. Quickly going and leave with Andrews from the house to combine lunch with a walk on smiling San Cristobalu.

Re-reach tourist REAL DE GUADLUPE STREETS (She is just close to our hotel). That’s how it looks like a more merry version. It is quite another thing: immediately cozy, friendly, kinder.

The next feature of San Cristobal is becoming even more noticeable. For some reason, it is in this town a lot of hippie. Everywhere guys with dreadlocks of an eccentric species in non-standard clothes. So come across the eyes here, then there: it is played on the harmonica, then local dogs disappear. In general, try to stand out how can. Dreada Written somewhere around the corner do free?

Even toys for sale some unusual, look, bearded giraffe.

Tourists are clearly not offended by tourists, even now, when the season comes to an end, they are full of them in the city. Say that some fall in love with San Cristobal that they move here. Something resembles a story with San Mighel de Allende.

As you know, where there are tourists, there and entertainment for them.

Even the same Indians here had the role of just an attraction for gringo. These descendants of proud and militant ancestors today are pacing through the streets, selling shawls, traps for dreams, amulets and other rubbing for climbing yawak or simply begging.

To be honest, how many days are in this city, so much does not leave the feeling of some neobiness. It seems to be all cute and pretty, but here are some kind of unfriendly people. There are no teaching curious views and open smiles. All gloomy and wary, ranging from waitresses in a cafe, ending in passersby on the streets. Maybe everything is in the cold?

Well, you can do, each city has its own character. But in lovely streets with colonial architecture in San Cristobal, there is no shortage. Let’s go, see?

Oh no! For short music playing. The sky in the eyes clouds clouds and rain begins. Running, running to the hotel. The second attempt to walk normally around the city fails with a crash.

Day, two, three watching the door of our cold hotel room and the same picture: rain, rain, rain. But we wanted to rent around the surroundings, and the unknown streets see. It seems not fate. So remained San Cristobal for the pellenium rain.

Al perhaps further, in a more friendly city, where the warmer and lighter.

This is what San Cristobal de Las Casas will remember: cold, rain, rare moments of enlightenment, hippie, Indians, mountains, clouds and tiles. We even called him about myself because of the weather and the overall feeling. And I could enter our top 5 cities of Mexico, if a little more friendly.

As Andrews said, «This city can be safely recommended as a refrigerator».

Have a pleasant walking on San Cristobal, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and four-legged friends

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How to get to San Cristobal

San Cristobal de Las Casas - City for Peloeny Rain

How to get to San Cristobal from Town Gutierres

In order to get from Custo-Gutierrez to San Cristobal, you can use the OCC bus. We chose a bus that leaves at 12:00. Ticket to San Cristobal costs 48 peso, on the way 1:10. Again used the discount coupon and gave all over 34 pesos.

So do not forget about the coupons for a 10% discount on the next trip, if you use ADO and OCC buses. Coupons are printed right on the boarding pass, so do not throw them away after the trip.

By the way, the bus schedule is better to clarify on the Internet, on the scoreboard, raised on the bus station, there are not all flights (perhaps only direct).

In the article about Canyon Sumidero noted on the map Location of the bus station in Toustle-Gutierrec.

How to get to San Cristobal from Oaxaca

To get from Oaxaca to San Cristobal de Las Casas, you can again on the bus company OCC. Ride will have 10-11 hours. The ticket costs 552 pesos. If you are interested in a more comfortable option, there is a bus ADO Gold, a ticket to which costs 666 peso (terrible number).

Once again, the reminder to seize warm things into the bus, especially if the night crossing is foreseen. Air conditioning is increhensive, so it is very cold (+ 16-18 degrees, plus ice air). Local, which are informed, go with blankets.

Bus schedule and prices can be viewed on the official website.

Where we lived in San Cristobal

Accommodation this time I had to look in place. In advance, nothing suitable for booking in San Cristobal did not find. Scientists with bitter experience of searching for heads with heavy backpacks, left this time things in the storage chamber on the bus station. As a result, the search was dragged for three hours (104 pesos were paid for two backpacks).

Options for budget housing in San Cristobal was enough, but we have special requirements: we are given a desktop, a good Internet (which, by the way, was far from all hotels in principle), but Light more. With the latest in this city, too, problems – The windows in almost all rooms go to the inner courtyards, which is why the eternal twilight reigns in the rooms. Even more relevant than the presence of hot water, because the rooms are very, very cold (the city in the mountains and there is always not hot). Ask for a few blankets at once.

Eventually stopped in Villa Real Hotel. The most spacious room with a full-fledged desktop for 300 pesos (so much in this hotel is a room for two with one large bed, and we had two of them, at least so much and not needed, but spacious). Plus this is the only room with a table.

As a result, it turned out that the Internet does not always work equally well, and sometimes it turns off at all (I had to constantly ask to restart the router until Andrews had calculated this mysterious outlet). Hot water also had problems – It was included in time, that is, during the day there was no opportunity to go into the shower and getting it, that was quite and very important, as there was a dubbank in the room. Otherwise, there are no complaints about the hotel. At night, under three blankets it was warm))

Address: Calle Benito Juarez, San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico

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Map with San Cristobal de Las Casas sights

List of attractions and objects of San Cristobal de Las Casas marked on the map

  • Cathedral Cathedral (Cathedral)
  • Cultural Association (AsociacióN Cultural Na Bolom)
  • Cultural Center Carmen (Centro Cultural El Carmen)
  • Museum of Coffee (Museo Del Cafe)
  • Maja Museum Museum (Museo De La Medicina Maya)
  • Museum Amber (Museo Del Ambar)
  • Museum-Monastery of Santo Domingo (Museo Del Exconvento de Santo Domingo)
  • Arch Park (Parque de Los Arcos)
  • Area (Plaza 31 de Marzo)
  • Triumphal Arch Carmen (Arco De El Carmen)
  • Hill (Cerro de Guadalupe)
  • Center Cultro Cultural De Los Altos de Chiapas)
  • Church of Caridad (Iglesia de Caridad)


  • Market (Mercado de las Artesanias)
  • Market (Mercado de Los Ancianos)
  • EL Mercado market

A cafe

  • Vegetarian cafe La Casa Del Pan Papalotl
  • Cafe Namandi Cafe & Crepas
  • Cafe TierRadentro
  • Taxa Emiliano’S Moustache
  • French bakery (Panaderia Francesa «El Horno Magico»)


  • Bus station (buses and minivans in all directions)
  • Rent scooters (Croozy Scooters)

What can be found in the vicinity of San Cristobal in the presence of free time

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