San Clock Church

Among the Venetian churches, and their many in the city, San Zaccaria Church (San Zaccaria Especially highlighted. Stands out and architecture of its, and history, and filling, and location. She, this church, Unusual in everything .

The church is almost in the center, two steps away from the palace and Slavic embankment , But somehow it manages to be in a fraginal silence and tranquility on the Square of the same name. It is full of artistic masterpieces and objects of applied art made by ancient masters with amazing skill, in it these are stored antiquity and there are mysterious buildings that any other church can envy, but this church is not included in the list of Museums of Venice, where the entrance is paid.

Oddities here generally a lot , contradictions and inconsistencies, but it seems only at first glance. Because this Church is Venetian, and Venice could and can afford his own opinion, opinion and decision of one or another question.

Who is this Kroward And why he is holy? Scrumbs (in our writing &# 8212; Zechariah), according to biblical texts, Father John the Baptist . In Venice, by the way, it is generally enough churches dedicated to the most ancient biblical characters who lived long before the appearance of Christ and the New Testament. For example, in Cannarego It is the Church of San Jobbe – Church of St. Job, Hero of the Old Testament Book of Job.

Zechariah still in the New Testament entered. And this church for storing his power and built. And this building belongs to IX century , so this church is very old. Although everything is not so simple. But we will return to this question literally through a couple of sections. In the meantime, I will say that go to it is not only for the sake of inspecting its architectural features. Inside it reminds, rather, the art museum than the church. And if you walk on that parts where the entrance must pay, I would call San Clkin Even the artistic and historical museum.

How to get to San Clkaria

If you look at the cards, it seems that it is difficult to find this church, because it stands somewhere in the courtyards, although not far from the Slavic embankment. In fact, the search for a path to her will not make much difficulty.

Church on the map

View of the church

From Doge’s Palace Go across the Slavic Quay (Riva Degli Schiavoni) directly go through Straw bridge , go on, then the next bridge, and now you go to that part of the embankment, where they are located Stopping Vaporettto , United called &# 8212; "San Zaccaria" . These are debarkarders for Vaporretto several routes, so let it mislead you.

These deckaders will be right hand, and on the left hand you need after a descent from the second bridge to count the second pass to the yards between the houses. Following this second pass (it is pretty narrow, keep in mind) from the Slavic embankment, you will get straight on Campo San Clockaria , And this church will open in front of you in all its marble beauty. The road from the Palace of the Doings to the Church of San Clkaria will take five minutes .

The time of work of the church:

  • Monday – Saturday: from 10:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 18:00,
  • Sunday: from 16:00 to 18:00.
  • San Clock Church

Entrance to the church itself is free , But the examination of the village, Capel and Crypts is worth 1.5 Euro .

What to watch in San Zaccaria

At first , this church lovely facade . It combines just two epochs of architecture: Gothic and early Renaissance, but it is amazingly harmonious creation. Above the entrance to the statue of St. Zachariah Alessandro Vittoria. He also owned statue of John the Baptist and the altar with the burial of the relics of St. Zechariah inside the church.

Secondly , an abundance of paintings in the main hall of the church. Not for nothing, I compared the church with an art gallery: paintings hung so thickly on the walls that you feel as if the walls are made of them, and.

Altar keeps a masterpiece Giovanni Bellini’s "Madonna and Child with Saints". In this picture, as a rule, there are always people. So be prepared to wait to get closer. In addition, it is better to light, this device near the altar you need to invest 50 cents. Believe me, it’s worth it. Among the authors whose paintings adorn the walls of the church and its chapel, call Andrea del Castagno, Palma Vecchio, Tintoretto, Giuseppe Porta, Palma il Giovanni, Antonio Vassilachchi, Anton van Dyck, Andrea Celeste Antonio zanchit Antonio Balestra, Angelo Trevisani and Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo.

In the sacristy You will also see an interesting collection of paintings, but if you will pass on, then the artistic impression is complemented by impressions from historical discoveries. The church San Zaccaria there are two chapels: San Tarasov and San Athanase. In the second stored Chapel unique golden altar, the created Venetian masters of the XV century, and through the first chapel you can go down into the crypt of the church. She semiflooded but flooding gives it more mystery and antiquity. In the crypt are eight tombs of the Doges of Venice, who ruled the city from IX to XII century.

The history of the San Zaccaria Church,

Church of San Zaccaria was built In the 9th century specifically for the burial of the relics of the saint, who gave the city the Byzantine Emperor Leo V. But in 1105 huge fire almost destroyed the church, so that it had to be built, we can say again. A between 1458 and 1515 years the building was rebuilt church. Antonio Gambello began to build, finished Mauro Coduccchi, Famous Venetian architect familiar to us Campanil San Marco and building Scale Grande Di San Marco. So the planning of the church is Gothic, Decor Renaissance.

The church belonged to the Benedektin monastery, the walls of which are still towering on Campo San Clockaria. After the monastery in the XII century donated land for construction Basilica San Marco, Installed tradition: Dam on Easter always visited this church. This tradition was interrupted only with the fall of the Venice republic and the abolition of the Institute of Doge.

As for the Bellini’s masterpiece stored in the altar, Since 1797 Painting this twenty years spent in Paris. She made such an impression on Napoleon that he was not ashamed to take her with him.

San Clock Church

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