San Barnaba Church

There are place in Venice, among other attractions of this city, the mixture of feelings and sensations. It is old, it is absolutely today’s, it is aristocratic, and at the same time perfectly and unfortunately democratic. I’m talking about Campo San Barnaba with his church crowded. Separate the church and campo meaningless. Although it is about the church in this article will be speech.

The uniqueness of the place is indisputable. Campo with the Church is located, you can say, on the border of life styles : between Campo Santa Margherita with its recklessness and popularity of student youth, with the market in a bright day of the day and is still working cafe, in abundance of the area and strict, restrained, remembering his long and sad history of the Church of Santa Maria in abundance Della Carita&# 8217; now raised Gallery of the Academy Fine arts, and a little further stands pompous and solemn Santa Maria Salute , opening parade of palaces on the Grande Channel.

If we talk about the history of the church San Barnaba and campo, on which she stands, the story is this length. That is, the church and campo are pretty old. About history I will tell a little later, in a special section of the article. In the meantime, it is mentioned that this church and this area compete in popularity from filmmakers with Piazza and Basilica San Marco .

No other church of Venice was so often filmed on a film show, no other square turned out to be in the frame so often. You can see the Church and Campo in Léter David Lynch and in the film Stephen Spielberg "Indiana Jones and the last crusade" . Catherine Höpbern fell here to the canal, and Harrison Ford with Sean Connery solved the secret of Holy Grail in the library of the Church (her, however, does not really exist, for the film created specially) and fought off on Campo from rivals and persecutors.

This area is in Corp Dorsodoo was always a gathering place Barnabotti – special class of people.

Barnabotti – impoverished Nobili (noble Venetians), which settled here because of the inability to contain themselves and their housing in more central regions.

Campo San Barnaba – It is near the center (to San Marco and the Grande Canal is not close), and relative solitude. In addition, they live here the same barnabotti, like you, so do the nose or complain about the fate of anyone.

Today is border position Campo San Barnaba attracts venetians and a lot of tourists who, by the way, are not very expensive on campo. There are several cafes, shops, including souvenirs. On Campo often sing Amateur artists , What very seeks the evening gatherings at a table in a cafe. Here is very cozy. To the right of the church, the wide and unnecessary HOTTOPORT leads to the Gallery of the Academy and the Academy Bridge.

Doors of the church San Barnaba open, but not for believers and interested in Venetian painting the Renaissance era. Now in the premises of the church is open permanent Exhibition . About her a little later.

How to get to the Church of San Barnaba

Appearance of the Church

Church on the map

On foot to San Barnaby to reach the easiest From Campo Santa Margherita . Crossing long Campo Santa Margherita, hold on a little left. Somewhere at the end of the square you will see a separate brick building, something like a large transformer booth. It needs to be around the left and left to deepen in the neighboring area, go through it, turn right, reach the bridge, move it, turn left again and, having passed the literally meters 20-30, to be on Campo San Barnaba With the Church of San Barnaba in front of you.

If you decide to take advantage Vaporretto , It will most conveniently get to the church on Vapretto №1 . Necessary exit stopping "CA&# 8217; REZZONICO » , departing from the debarkaarder, turn left, then almost immediately right, and, having passed on a narrow Calle Del Traghetto, to be on the left side of the entrance to San Barnaba Church .

Church of San Barnaba Tkryta daily from 9:30 to 19:30 .

The front ticket is worth 8 Euro .

There is no site at the church, but there is a page on the portal of the "Church of Venice": . Here the story of the Church of San Barnaba is brought briefly.

What to look at the church of San Barnaba

It seems amazing, but today the San Barnaba church has a permanent exposition of cars and devices made according to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

Among the devices presented at the exhibition, Deltaplan , Various devices for life, Military mechanisms . Exhibits are placed around the perimeter of the hall.

In addition to cars, you can consider paintings , hanging in the tails of the former church room. The altar of the work of Antonio Foler contains "The Nativity of the Virgin" , The second altar has portraits of saints and painting on a tree ascribed by Francesco Bekkarutsi, an artist of the XIV century. On side walls &# 8212; Work Yakopo Palma Jr . On the ceiling you will see the fresco of Kostantino Cedini "Saint Varnava in Glory".

History of the Church of San Barnaba

Church in honor and in the name Saint Varnava , One of the seventy apostles, founded the church in Cyprus, to which the republic has always had the most lively interest, Erected in this place in the distance of 936 . Before this Patch stood another church – St. Lawrence.

In the XIV century To the church attached a bell tower. She stands a little bit away for the building of the Church.

San Barnaba Church

San Barnaba Church often burning, therefore repeatedly and quite radically rearranged. In XVIII For the reconstruction of the church building took Lorenzo Bosketti . He gave the facade Classicist View: Four Marble Columns and Archite Wearing.

In 1810 The arrival of the church lost independence, he was attributed to the Church of Santa Maria Dei Carmina, located nearby. Over time, in his hall began to hold an exhibition of cars created according to the drawings Leonardo da Vinci .

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San Barnaba Church

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