San Andr San Andr&# 233; S y sauces)

San Andr San AndréS y sauces) – Municipality in the northeastern part of La Palma Island. Population – 4,972 people (2008). Area of ​​territory – 42.75 km².

This is one of the richest areas of the island with the largest plantations of bananas and sugar cane.

On the territory of the municipality there is a biosphere reserve Los Thilos, organized by UNESCO in 1983. The reserve is impressive by Rich Flora, here the most ambitious laurel forests on the Canary Islands are located.

The municipality is several towns, but the most interesting for tourists: San Andres and Los Sausees and Charco Azul.

San Andr Sauses (San Andr; S Y Sauces)

San Andres is a small coastal city where the streets and square are covered with cobblestones and are attached by flowers and palm trees. There are many buildings with typical local architecture. In the center is located Iglesia de San Andres Apostle (XV-XVII centuries.) – One of the oldest churches on the Canary Islands. The interior is interesting to the main altar and retablem (altar obstacle) in the style of Baroque and Castor Mudjar Style. On the walls you can see pictures.

In Los sauses should be examined by a big Church of Iglesia Nourera Señora de Montserrat, The largest church on the island, built in 1515. Her current Neoroman style is the result of the reconstruction of 1960. The church is kept the image of the Madonna Brushes of the Netherlands Master Peter Pubrus.

On the rocky coastline there is a small Tourist center Charco Azul, with natural basins and landscaped to rest areas around them.

San Andr Sauses (San Andr; S Y Sauces)

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