San Alfonso del Mar pool (San Alfonso Del Mar)

Giant pool San Alfonso del Mar is built about 110 km west of the Chilean capital, almost on the shore of the Pacific.

He fell into the Guinness Book of Records, as the largest swimming pool on the planet. The length of the structure reaches 1013 m, the depth of the bowl – 3.5 m, and the total area is 8 hectares. Artificial reservoir is so huge that local organizations offer boats tourists and even small sailing yachts for swimming pool. However, most vacationers bathe in the traditional way.

If you are in Chile, be sure to visit this unique building. It was built in 2006. Engineer Fernand Fishmann. The idea to equip a huge pool on the very shore of the ocean – At first glance, it may seem strange, but the sharms for this were. First, the coast near San Alfonso del Mar literally tears sharks, and secondly, the water on the latitude of Santiago is quite cold. For these reasons, local beaches did not use great popularity. With the construction of the miracle pool, everything has changed. The water temperature in it is maintained at +26 °C, and sea water before downloading in an artificial reservoir is filtered, and possibly saturated with ozone. Otherwise, than explaining her sky blue color?

San Alfonso del Mar pool (San Alfonso Del Mar)

Swim here – Single pleasure: the full feeling that you should have in sea water, only it is much warmer than in the real ocean, which is behind a narrow beach strip. The pool has some kind of water park (inflatable water slides), each tourist gives out a life jacket, around there are many cafes and restaurants, pool staff – Friendly. All this makes San Alfonso del Mar an ideal place for family holidays, and just to get new impressions.

You can get into the pool in two ways.

First, renting a room in one of the nine sufficiently fashionable hotels located nearby. As a rule, visiting the reservoir is included in the price, so you will automatically get access to swimming. However, accommodation here is very expensive: in the high season (from November to April, since the South Hemisphere) Double Room will cost about 150 thousand. local peso (14-15 thousand. USD) per night.

To save, you can rent apartments in the vicinity of San Alfonso del Mar 2-3 times cheaper. However, in this case, you will have to pay for access to the pool: 10 dollars on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) or $ 20 from Friday to Sunday. Thus, for maximum savings – It is best to shoot inexpensive accommodation and coincide with the trip on weekdays.

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