Samuy himself

"Come on, come on, Natasha!" – I shouted cheerful Tapet, highlighting intricate pyruets around our boat on my scouts. There was nothing to give he, and Natasha among us, tourists from Russia, was not. But the pride for the great our language, who shifted to ordinary Thai, warmed our traveling souls.

Two years have passed since then, and Thai lexicon replenished with new phrases, like Thailand – new ours (in quotes and without). So some resorts such as Pattaya or Phuket perceive as something like Sochi or Gagr, only with much better service. From October to February at the resorts of Thailand, a real velvet season (plus 26-28C).

Ask at Thai who is such a self, and he most likely will not answer you anything, but will smile happily, wave your hands in all directions and tell that his brother has in the next quarter "something" Much better than Samui, for example, a Chinese woman’s wife, who loves Yeltsin very much and, as a result, all ours. Private Thai worker will not give a delight response, first, because due to long-standing traditions, Tapet cannot remain indifferent and is obliged to help the guest at least advice, even if he does not understand a word. Secondly, because Samui is not "who", a "what". And finally, because Samui, the third largest island of Thailand, was in the shadow of the tourist circulation, pushed by the glory of Pattaya and Phuket.

From Bangkok to Samui – about 700 km. And if tropical rains charged in the capital, then it’s time to move to the island, where there is a relatively dry weather – only in the evening or at night there can be a short tropical rain. As the resort Samui got fame in the late 60s when Hippie was opened. But soon the island has become a popular vacation spot for quite pleonous tourists around the world. Instead of bad huts scattered throughout the island, as a magic wand, along the luxurious sandy beaches, not less luxurious hotels, restaurants and other entertainment facilities increased.

Samuy himself

In order not to feel tied to one place, you can rent a jeep in Thailand. "Kel, Kel, Yes,", – The Thai children were implicit about, and we stubbornly poke your fingers into the card and were very directed by all the languages ​​known to us: "Where is the road that leads to a waterfall?" And when, desperate to understand anything, they went to the path of NamAm Lazar, they were surprised to find the desired road to the mountains near the dressing shell. It was not possible to see the waterfall so much: we finally drank, referring to the card that did not have time to apply new highway.

Another thing of Samui, who can be erected along and across without any restrictions, is presented through the jungle to waterfalls and secluded coves with silver-snowy beaches. Maps are very detailed, indicating all the sights of the island, and rent a jeep is very simple, as in all Thailand. To do this, it is enough to have a photocopy of a driver’s license (not necessarily internationally) and a small amount of money to leave in pledge. Rent a jeep at the hotel – about $ 40 per day. From the east coast, where Chaweng and Lamai resort zones are located, you can go to the jungle waterfall, to the monkeys theater, get to the main city of Nathon Island and see the main attraction of the island – the statue of the Big Buddha. On the top of the hill on the north coast. Samui is a fifteen meter buddha statue sitting in a lotus pose. This is the place of meditation living on the island of Buddhist monks.

But Samui is an island, and this sin does not take advantage. Traveled on land – it’s time to plunge into pleasure sea. You can entertain diving. Wishing "lie on the bottom" not necessarily have experience. The cost of a four-day training course from 6.000 to 7.000 BAT. Well, if you know how to descend in the bay of waters professionally (as evidenced by an international certificate in your name), then the study of sea depths will cost 1.500 – 1.700 baht, depending on the time of the day and season. If you start notice that your lips whisper something in Thai, it means you’re time. It’s time to narrow the coconuts, sit in the boat and go to the island of Phangan. And there to shoot on the beach Khan Rin bamboo bungalow for 100 baht per day and wait for the ritual holiday of the full moon.

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