Island Samui &# 8211; Sea Pearl of the Kingdom of Thailand

Come here for a relaxing holiday in the paradise. On the shores there are magnificent beaches, but there will be time and for entertaining excursions.

Travel to Thailand &# 8211; Geography and weather

Samui Island (Samui) is close to the mainland, in the southern part of the country. It is washes warm and small Siamese bay. Here on the rarity favorable climate, which attracts beach relaxing lovers from around the world. On the island of 45 thousand inhabitants, most of them serves tourists for decades. Despite the tourist boom, which began in the 1990s, Samui remains one of the purest corners of Thailand, where untouched nature has been preserved.

Island geography

The island reminds the form of an incorrect square. Its dimensions 25 at 21 km, which is comparable to half the "old" Moscow. Mountains covered with impassable forests rise in the center. On the low-lying coast passes the ring road, which is easily accessible to any beach.

The capital is located on the southwest shore facing the continent. There is an airport, also comes from here a ferry for a distance of about 20 km. From Bangkok to Koh Samui get by plane, train or bus. Routes perfectly adjusted, a trip to Thailand would be convenient. The flight from the Thai capital or Pattaya lasts just over an hour (700 km).

  • Many good beaches

Loved the beach a lot, if you search, you can find quite a deserted. For personal travel, tourists rent a car or a motorcycle, not leaving the pledge documents. Who does not know how to ride, hires cheap "knock-knock" &# 8211; rickshaw three-wheeled carriage with an indoor or an expensive taxi.

Weather in Koh Samui

On Koh year round heat of 24 to 32 degrees. The hottest month &# 8211; May the coolest &# 8211; December. Water temperature constantly around 27 ° C. From February to May dry season lasts, then the amount of precipitation increases, and in October-December, a lot of rain.

The rest of the time is characterized by light rain, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes, even though the sun continues to shine. Samui is perfect for permanent living people who love comfort, and tourists come here almost all year round, except for the rainy months.

Samui Island; Sea Pearl of the Kingdom of Thailand

General History of Thailand little touched islanders. It has long been settled here mainly Malays and Chinese. According to legend, the first settlements established fishermen accidentally discovered the island 1500 years ago. Life was self-sufficient, the people lacked water, and it was possible to escape from the turbulent events on the continent.Only in the last century came a lot of Thais, when it became the tourist industry to flourish.

  • Paradise living conditions

Still preserved the picturesque Chinese houses built in the style of the ancient classics. They contrast, modern buildings IT-companies whose employees work remotely, living in paradise conditions.
Developed by the Internet and other communication. But no high-rises: Local laws prohibit building homes above the coconut palms. palm plantations &# 8211; another attraction. Once upon a time, along with fishing, they were the backbone of the island’s economy. Samui Palm trees are famous for high quality nuts, and fruit trees here 3.5 million.

Built many Buddhist temples. They are not like each other, and tourists are interested in meeting with the local exotic. In the temple you can make a wedding ceremony. Monks are friendly relating to visitors, do not refuse to hold solemn rites.

Divers can search for seabed sunken Chinese ships with antique cargoes, including many ceramics. Centuries ago Trade between the mainland and the island flourished, the valuable porcelain was carried in exchange for fish and coconuts. Sometimes scuba whales manage to find something from the time of Japanese occupation of the mid-20th century. The Japanese captured the island, considering it convenient naval base. Around the most beautiful coral reefs with a rich fauna.

Excursions and sights of the island

In the center of Samui built sightseeing sites near the majestic waterfalls. Around the main island of dozens of small protected islets, in the National Park Ang-Tong regularly go to the catamaran walk.
In addition to the beautiful wildlife, there is a zoo on the island, where it is worth seeing:

  • Elephants protruding with circus numbers
  • Crocodiles, vacationers in the sun
  • Monkeys who scarcely jump and even stick to tourists

It lives hundreds of butterflies, bees and other insects. Samuysian cookies adapt to tastes of tourists. Here are served by European dishes and traditional Thailand for the kingdom, they also know how to taste tropical fruits and the freshest seafood, just catching fishermen in the bay.

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