Samui Island (Ko Samui)

Samui (Koh Samui) – Island in the Siamese Gulf of South China Sea, 80 km from the Eastern Coast of South Thailand. The third island of the country (after Phuket and Chang), its area is 228.7 kV. KM. Population – 47,874 people (2006).

Samui Island about 21 km in the widest place, and 25 km in the longest. Located about 700 km from Bangkok.

Samui is the second most popular island in Thailand, after Phuket. Island attracts tourists with snow-white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut palm trees. All coastal part is a solid series of beaches, quiet bays and bays.

In numerous hotels of the island, many bars, colorful restaurants and discos, souvenir shops and shops, there are all sorts of conditions for the exercise of all types of water sports.

In the area of ​​Chaweng Beach, all famous shops, restaurants and entertainment facilities are located in Central Street. This area is the center of nightlife of the island.

Samui, as the rest of the South Thailand, has only two explicit climatic seasons. Rain season – From May to December, and dry season – from January to April. Rains in the rainy season are strong, but not long.

51 kilometer ring roads are laid around Samui, with the help of which, on transport, easy to get to any end of the island.

Several ferries (including automobile) connect the island with the mainland. Regular running boats connect Samui from Surat Thani and Phangan Island. Once a day, the boat goes to the island of Tao. The practice of hiring private high-speed boats in any directions is widespread.

With the help of a very common taxi, you can easily reach any item. If you come to watch the sights, for a small payment, the taxi driver will wait for you the required amount of time and takes back. Unfortunately, in connection with a large number of tourists, a taxi turned into a rather expensive type of transport.

Knock Knock – Another type of transport distributed on Samui. It is a pickup of which is covered with an awning, under which the seating shops are installed.

The best solution for tourists is the rental Motobike (from 150 baht per day) or auto (800). As a deposit, the owners prefer a passport, it is also recommended to check the health of the Moto Auto, in order to avoid possible disagreements when passing the vehicle

(MU KO ANG THONG) – National Marine Park, consisting of 42 islands and representing mountain limestone mountain arrays, tropical forests, amazing insulated shores and wildlife. Based like a National Park in 1980. Also known as "Golden pool", Park is a great place for scuba diving.

Wat Khunaram-Co-Samui
(Wat Khunaram Ko Samui) – The most famous temple of the island with a mummified monk.

Big statue of Buddha
(Wat Phra Yai) 12 meters high – is on the mountain (which is visible almost from all points of the island) to which it is necessary to climb on a special (dragon) staircase.

Aquarium and Tiger Zoo
(Samui Aquarium and Tiger Zoo) – The aquarium presents an amazing collection of tropical fish and other bright aquatic animals, such as turtles and colorful coral. In a tiger nursery you can see – Bengal tigers and leopards.

Samui Island (Ko Samui)

– Located in the north of the island, on the hillside in Laem Natien. It is a closed tropical park with small waterfalls, rivers and bridges in which various types of butterflies, insects, moths and bees live. There are also several viewing sites with a delightful view of the coast.

Crocodile farm (Samui Crocodile Farm) – located behind the airport. On an area of ​​7000 kV. Metrov lives 100 different types of animals, such as Siamese crocodiles, Cayman, sea crocodiles, snakes, lizards and monkeys.

Snake Farm Samui – Very popular and entertainment for the whole family. Twice a day, visitors can enjoy unforgettable and only on the island of a show with snakes. Snake Farm Samui is listed in the Guinness Book of two points: "Long stay with snakes" and "The most long stay with the tables". Here you can meet participants in world records – Queen of Scorpions and King Sorryokozhek and see courageous tricks with creeping small friends.

Magic garden Buddha (Magic Buddha Garden) – Located on the hills of Samui Island, was built in 1976 by a 77-year-old farmer. With the help of helpers, he created a lot of sculptures located along the river bed, and creating a mysterious and unique atmosphere. On the territory of the park, the crypt is also located, where the Creator of the Park and his spouse is buried. Before entering the park there are ticket pussies before visiting the park, you need to buy a ticket. The board is symbolic and helps to keep the park in decent conditions.

Rock Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks
– The natural monument, which became the place of pilgrimage of tourists because of their amazing similarities with the genital bodies.

On the island is located Samui International Airport (Samui (Samui International Airport). Bangkok Airways airlines fly here (from Bangkok, Utopao and Phuket) and Thai Airways (from Bangkok).

Also before Samui can be reached by train from Bangkok. Trains depart from Hua Lamphong railway station in Bangkok to Surat Thani station (35 km from Samui). Next, the bus can be reached to Don Sac Pier, from where the ferries are separated from.

Passenger and car ferries go on Samui from the Pier Don-Mac from 6:00 to 19:00. The trip takes about 1.5 hours. Fare — from 84 to 220 THB.

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