Samui Island in Thailand – Corner of Romantic Asia

Samui landscapes are hills covered with forests, the coastal part of the island – beautiful white sand beaches and quiet bays, and coconut palm trees grow on the plains. By the way, Selfie’s coconuts are recognized as the best in the world and are the main source of income for the inhabitants of the island.

When to go to Samui relax?

Soft climate and a long beach season, which continues over 8 months, such is the island of Samui, popular with tourists from all countries of the world. But conditionally it stands out 3 seasons:

  • Hot – From March to May, when the thermometer often rises to the mark of +40 degrees, there are few tourists, but it will not be easy to survive with high humidity, it is not recommended to go with children;
  • Dry or high season – time from January to March, when the journey promises to be pleasant, the sea is calm and warm, and nature pleases with bright colors. Prices are especially rising in the first half of January, but tourists do not stop;
  • Rain season – From June to December, the rains and tropical showers go in October and November, but their duration – no more than an hour, then the sun appears again.

Although in the rainy season on Samui warm, and prices are pleased to be pleasant, at this time strong winds blow, so you have to forget about comfortable and safe bathing in the sea.

Entertainment and attractions of Samui Island

The main attractions of the island are two waterfalls: HID Floor and Namuang. On the next island of the Fan, which is associated with. Samui through dam, is big Temple complex Wang Hin NSU. A huge number of tourists from all over the world come here to look at the 12-meter Statue of the Sitting Buddha, towering on the hill.

Vacationers are also offered a number of entertaining shows: Funny monkeys show, serpenting cable spellsers, cocks and bull fights. Tourists will definitely remember a walk on elephants and visiting the garden of butterflies, among the tropical greenery of which about hundreds of species of these colorful creatures flies.

Samui Island in Thailand - Corner of Romantic Asia

Diving lovers will appreciate the aquarium, in which the bright world of the inhabitants of the Siamese Gulf is represented, and by going to the underwater hunt, they will see the bizarre forms of coral reefs, which there is plenty of. Holidays on Samui great for all types of water sports.

On the island a lot of entertainment characteristic of Thailand: bars, restaurants and discos, where you can have a perfect time. Tourists who like Shopping will definitely find something for themselves in exotic souvenir shops and stores, and those who wish to combine rest with treatment will feel re-born after Thai massage or visiting herbal sauna.

Best hotels in Samui

Thailand, in particular about. Samui, has hotels that will satisfy every taste – from modest secluded bungalows to luxurious five-star hotels world-class. Selfie hotels enjoy great popularity among beach and diving lovers. Among the most popular hotels:

  1. Ibis samui bophut 3 * &# 8211; located on 1 coastline, features a private affordable restaurant and a sandy beach;
  2. PGS Sandy Resort 3 * &# 8211; Guests will find a complimentary service, gentle beach with sun loungers and umbrellas, 2 fresh air pools;
  3. FIRST BUNGALOW 3 * &# 8211; There is a chic Thai restaurant, a children’s pool, water sports and a jacuzzi;
  4. ALOHA Resort 3 * &# 8211; Not too large hotel with its restaurant and comfortable rooms overlooking the sea;
  5. Centara Villas Samui 4 * &# 8211; Especially like Param and in love with romance, there are 3 pools, beauty salon, fitness studio.

The most prestigious Samui hotels are located near the beach of Bopchut: here you can communicate with local residents who have long been accustomed to customs of foreign guests. Samui map will reveal the location of all hotels from two to five stars, bars, cafes and resort restaurants. Samui hotels will give you a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the taste and real flavor of Thai food, not embezzlement of chefs focused on foreign public.

Holidays on Samui for two

O. Samui nicely delight the eye of the female tropical paints and clean air and water. Amazing Country Thailand inspires the virnan’s entourage Flora in the forests located nearby hotels. Add a high level of service and hospitality of local residents, and you will get an approximate picture of the island.

Romantic Asia – This phrase includes a multifaceted rest on. Samui, which is accompanied by movement in the territory on motorcycles or motorcycles, and even to those who have never tried to ride in this type of transport, but I want to visit distant corners of the island, you will have to try this type of taxi.

On the map of Samui you will find the famous Beach Chaweng, which is located in the east of the island. The small sand of the beach slopes leads to crystal clear water, where so far, despite the abundance of visitors, excellent visibility is preserved at great depths. North Island Samui is busy with three bays, where you can swim, do diving and catch fish. Come on O. Samui and here you will find all the entertainment of Thailand!

Samui Island in Thailand - Corner of Romantic Asia

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