Samui Island in September: Weather, Sea, how to get

For the second year in a row in the first days of September, we go from Moscow to a beach holiday in Thailand on the island Samui. I want to share my experience, maybe someone will be useful to learn how to Samui in September.

Since Samui is located in the Siamese bay of the South China Sea of ​​the Pacific Ocean, the climate here is radically different from the climate on Phuket: the dry season – from February to September, and the rainy season – from October to the end of January (at this time tropical rains can go, Behind which the sea becomes dirty and unsuitable for swimming, and sometimes floods occur).

In September, on Samui, the so-called velvet season – the summer only ended, there are almost no tourists with children, the weather is the perfect, the sea is warm, the exhausting heat and rains are not, and, it is important, since the high season is over – low prices for accommodation in hotels during this period.

You cannot get a direct flight from Russia to Samui, the most optimal option – through Bangkok (can also be through Singapore).

Ticket price:

In 2016, we took the tickets Moscow – Abu Dhabi – Bangkok 1.5 months before the trip – 24,000 rubles rounded from Etihad, in 2017 bought tickets in February on the direct flight Aeroflot Moscow – Bangkok for 24,000 (back back).

Bangkok – Samui tickets cost 6500 rubles in one direction with a local monopolist airline Bangkok Airways. The return tickets did not take, because of Samui, we then flew by direct flight to Singapore, I will write about it a little later in another post.

Flight Moscow – Bangkok

This year, our Asian vacation has lasted from September 1 to September 24, of which we spent the time from September 2nd to September 14, the rest of the time in Singapore and Bangkok.

Airplane Aeroflot from Moscow (regular flight) was complete, and approximately half of the passengers foreigners who bought cheap tickets to Bangkok with a transfer to Russia. Due to the low year of Ruble, it is very profitable to fly through Russia. The level of service and nutrition on board, beyond praise, did not differ from Etihad. In total, 9 hours in flight due to a comfortable setting and in advance downloaded in the amredience series of the Games of the Thrones went fine.

By the way about the amrediatoque (who does not know, the application is with the films and TV shows) – it does not work in Thailand, that is, you can not download anything and see online. Therefore, I advise you to pump up a film in advance to both flights – to not stay back without your favorite films in the smartphone.

Flew at 8 in the morning at the Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi. After passing passport control, having received luggage, changed a little bucks to local bats to buy to eat and shall.

Flight Bangkok – Samui

Athell in a Chinese cafe on the second floor of the airport and at 12:15 flew by Bangkok Airways flights on Samui.

Buy local SIM cards advise everyone to do it, because otherwise you will stay without the Internet on the island, and if you have several people, it will not be comfortable without phones – you never know how to phoned or something else. They are inexpensive – for a week 299 baht. I took for 2 weeks for 599 baht: 6 GB of the Internet was included in the tariff plan, it was enough.

On Samui, as I understood, two main operators:


DTAC site: / RU / PREPAID / Products / Tourist-Packages.HTML

At Suvarnabhumi Airport – their pavilions are located nearby on the second floor.

By the way, when booking a ticket, I did not pay attention to the aircraft and for the time of flight – there it turns out, they have two types: Boeing 737 flying hour and ATR-72 flying 1.5 hours. We got ATR – who does not know, this is a small 74-bed plane with propellers.

I first went out of the idea that I fly on it, but I was not so terrible this flight, flew myself calmly – not so high as Boeing, but completely calm and comfortable. The next time it will fly on it, especially heard that it is much safer than Boeing with abnormal situations.

Flew to Samui

In general, flew to Samui, the weather was as always at this time – hot and sunny. These lovely buses arrived at us and taken to an equally cute airport, more than once the top points of various tops of the best airports in the world – for their originality, and purity.

They received luggage and went to a meeting with our girlfriend – Larisa, who lives and works on Samui a very long time in the tourist company Villa Vistas, came to meet us.

Last year we came and took a taxi on the rack – for 500 baht you were taken to Chaveng Noi. In general, if you search in advance on the Internet, you can find and order a minibus taxi from 350 baht. It was then we already understood.

Hotel Chaveng Cove Beach

This year, book chaveng Cove Beach at Agoda. I used to book everything on Bucking, but I accidentally stumbled upon this service, our hotel cost there 10,000 rubles cheaper than in Bukin. True, I lost a little bit and did not notice that if you boo hotels through the Agoda application, and not through the computer, then the additional discount gives. The hotel booked a month before the trip, chose at the ratio: Location on Chaweng or Chaweng Noah, price and quality. 12 nights in improved bungalow cost us 52,000 rubles. This is a good price, given that the hotel is located on the most popular beach, but from the edge, that is, there is no noisy, and he is with breakfast, and on the first line.

In general, the hotel was not at all – clean, cozy and by the sea, our room was 2 minutes from the beach and 10 meters from the pool. The staff is excellent, know their work – polite, and all questions solved in 5-10 minutes. The only drawback of the hotel is kojoy like a gym 3 by 5 meters with several old simulators. Maybe for someone it is very important.

We had 12 beautiful days on the island. The first week we, mostly, only sunbathe, bathed, fir, slept and went to the foot massages. For 250 baht you will massage your legs in one of the numerous salons. We usually went to these orange salons, most of all I liked it. Do not forget to leave for tea for massage to the aunt, so do everything (we always left 50 baht).

Breakfast at the hotel, as breakfast is included in the price of accommodation. And lunch and dinner was in numerous cafes and restaurants. Most often went to Mom Roma – Family Italian restaurant, with friendly owners, and in Fish Stone – a local Thai restaurant with Thai food. Do not forget to warn waiters when you order that "No Spicy, Please", otherwise you can bring something very sharp and cross. This also applies to ice when you order juice, ask less, otherwise I will bring ice with juice.

After they put on the beach, spent more time outside the hotel. I went once to the local gym – by the way a good place costs 250 baht, if not mistaken, many different simulators and people. The only minus – there are no air conditioners, only fans.

What beach on Samui choose?

As for the choice of hotel and the beach. From my point of view, the most ideal areas of Samui areas are the southern part of Chaweng Beach and the northern part of Chaweng Noi. Since they are located next to the nightlife of the island – massage salons, shopping centers and restaurants, but not back to them, that is, you will be calm and quiet in your territory. If you stay at the hotel directly opposite the center of nightlife – then in the evening and at night there can be very noisy from the autoreclama (cars with loudspeakers) and music.

That is, living in the hotels of the southern part of Chaweng Beach and the Northern part of Chaweng Noi, you do not need to take a taxi or ride a Tuk-Tuk, because you can walk to the center for 5-15 minutes. In addition, these beaches are perfect for relaxing with children, as the gentle and no stones and corals on their most part, only from the edges of rocky formations, and that’s.

Samui Island in September Weather, the sea, how to get

What to look at the island

Took the car for rental through Larisa and rushed with her the whole island. True this year the route was a bit different, unlike 2016. We already knew that we want to visit.

First drove on Silver Beach – One of the picturesque beaches on Samui, because it is surrounded by huge boulders and rocky education. Straight Seychelles landscapes. As I understood this one of the few places on the island perfectly suitable for snorkeling – swimming with a mask. Here corals, fish, huge sea cucumbers, hedgehogs and other underwater living creatures. Entrance here is free – through the territory of one of the hotels, which is located along the beach. Do not forget to take masks, towels, skin protective cream from burns, not less than 30 UVA / UVB for body and at least 50-60 UVA / UVB for face, (very strong ultraviolet even under the clouds), and, ideally – shoes, as coral engines and sea hedgehogs are found everywhere.

Then visited Waterfall (Waterfalls). They are in the center of the island, more often, tourists are always coming here as part of tourist groups on jeep. We arrived alone, entrance is free. 30 minutes spent here and then went.

Then he donate in a cafe of healthy food. There really is all delicious and useful. Called Café Sweet Sisters. Showed us his Larisa and, I think, ordinary tourists are difficult to find it – the building is inconspicuous and where it is located, I do not really imagine. At the same time, the cafe is a store, we bought there Hand-Made chocolate and local coffee – very fragrant and delicious.

Then we went to the most picturesque beach of Samui Taling Ngam Beach – This is one of the most beloved mesh beaches on Samui. He is almost wild and very picturesque, especially closer to the evening. Very romantic place. The main thing is to look upstairs so that Coconet does not fall on the head (I’m serious), there are a lot of them there, and no one follows them. In general, I will come here for the third time.

Music festival on Samui

Back in the period of our rest C 7 to September 11, the island passed Samui Festival 2017. On the island there were several sites where various events were held, and on September 9, along the whole beach Chaweng, there were tables with free meals – these are over 2.5 kilometers – and fed away the locals and tourists. Some delicious tables were terrible – it was possible to taste everything from local chefs, ranging from salads and ending with desserts with free water. According to Thai media largest buffet in the world.

Shopping on Samui

What can I buy on Samui? Probably, all tourists are asked by this issue, who come here. In addition to local magnetics with the image of the island, jewelry lovers with silver and natural semi-precious and precious (ruby, sapphire) of excellent quality stones from Madagascar, India, Burma and for very little money (1200 baht

2200 rubles. For 1 carat of precious stone) in the Nature Art Gallery jewelry store can also satisfy their interest in choosing unique, handmade, ready-made jewelry, as well as ordering the master on its own sketch to make a silver ring with a stack you like for just 1 day.

As for me, I ordered myself in one of the local court. Foreign tourists are the main clients of these salons, and it is clear why, because it is possible for relatively small money – mine cost 250 bucks, I got a suit stitched at my figure and a shirt, and the tie received as a gift. All this is good quality and quite promptly. Week left for the manufacture – there were three fittings. In general, I advise!

Also from the island you can buy fresh fruits. Personally, we took mango and pineapples. Well, and small souvenirs.

Currency exchange on Samui

Currency is better to change in one of the exchange points, go to a few, look, the course may slow slightly. In September 2017, we changed 32-33 baht for 1 USD.

Passport usually do not require. If you need it and you do not have it, go to another exchanger, there it will not be right there.

Weather on Samui in September

For all the time of our stay on the island of from 2 to 14 September, rains were, a total of 5-7 somewhere for 10-30 minutes, mostly in the evening. That is, it was absolutely comfortable and fresh – that I am writing for those who are interested in what the weather is on Samui in September. You can safely go to relax on Samui in September, without fear that seek on Phuket and in Bangkok at that time under tropical rains.

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