Sample Filling Questionnaire on Schengen Visa

Today we consider a sample of filling the questionnaire on a Schengen visa. As in the case of documents, the requirements for its completion depends solely on the consulate in which you are submitting documents.

Before filling out the questionnaire, go to the website of the consulate or visa center, sometimes you can find a sample or requirements for filling the questionnaire.

In which language to fill out the questionnaire?

The profile for a Schengen visa is filled with only Latin letters in our (translite), English or the language of the consulate, which opens a visa.

For example, if you open a Schengen visa to Germany, you can fill in both English and German.

How to fill out a questionnaire on a Schengen visa?

The profile can be filled out online or print and enter all the data from hand, neat readable handwriting, ideally in capital printing letters. To fill the questionnaire it is better to use a black handle.

If any point of the questionnaire does not apply to you, write in it &# 8211; &# 8220; does not apply&# 8221;.

Where to find a form of questionnaire?

Blank can be taken in the consulate itself or visa center or print from the Consulate / Visa Site. The questionnaire must be printed on the A4 sheet on both sides.

Instructions for filling the questionnaire on a Schengen visa

1. Surname &# 8211; Specify the last name Latin letters in exactly according to passport

2. Surname at birth &# 8211; leave empty or enter maiden surname if it is.

3. Name &# 8211; Specify the name Latin letters in accurately according to passport.

4. Date of Birth. Date format can be anyone as 1980-01-15 and 15/01/1980 or 15.01.1980. Better to navigate the consulate.

5. Place of Birth &# 8211; Specify the city in which you were born. If you were born until 1991 and at this moment your city was called differently, then you indicate the old name.

For example, St. Petersburg before the 91st year was Leningrad, Samara &# 8211; Kuibyshev, Tver &# 8211; Kalinin, Bishkek &# 8211; Frunze, Kirov &# 8211; Vyatka, Almaty &# 8211; Alma-Ata, Nizhny Novgorod &# 8211; Gorky and T.D.

To not confuse, specify the name that is specified in your birth certificate.

In this point, it should not be written before the title of the city. or mountains.

Consulate of Germany asks to indicate place of birth in the German version, to assist the applicants have a special table that can be found on the website of the consulate. If your city is not listed, then use the transliteration table.

6. Country of birth &# 8211; If you were born in the USSR to the 91st year, then you need to specify USSR / USSR.

In online questionnaires, as a rule, no country of the USSR, in this case you must indicate how the country is currently called.

7. Citizenship is currently &# 8211; RUSSIAN FEDERATION / our Federation

If you were born until 1991, then the USSR citizenship is not necessarily, leave this field empty. For example, the Consulate of Germany asks to leave this field empty.

eight. Floor

nine. Family status &# 8211; If you are married / married, grant a copy of the marriage certificate.

I will explain a little in what cases what point should be noted.

  • If you have never been married / married &# 8211; &# 8220; single / not married&# 8221;.
  • If you are married at the moment and live together -&# 8220; married&# 8221;
  • If you are married, but live separately &# 8211; &# 8220; Do not live with my spouse&# 8221;
  • If you are divorced &# 8211; &# 8220; breeded / a&# 8221;
  • If the spouse / and died &# 8211; &# 8220; Widower / widow&# 8221;
  • If you have a single-sex partnership (officially registered) &# 8211; &# 8220; registered partnership&# 8221;

If you are in civil marriage and are not officially painted, then celebrate &# 8220; married&# 8221; no need.

ten. Only for minors: last name, name, address (if different from the applicant’s address) and citizenship of the person with the authority of the parents / legal representative &# 8211; This paragraph indicates the data of parents or official guardians of the child.

Adult applicants write &# 8211; &# 8220; does not apply&# 8221;.

eleven. Identification number if available &# 8211; In our passports it is not. But if you are a citizen of another country, it is quite possible.

12. Direct document category &# 8211; Mark &# 8220; normal passport&# 8221;

13. Direct document number &# 8211; Specify the series and number of your passport. You need to specify the data Only foreign passports.

Indicate the number sign (No., # or N), and also do not make a space.

fourteen. Date of issuing passport

15. Valuable to &# 8211; Specify the expiration date of the passport

16. Issued by &# 8211; specify the authority issued passport. According to the incomprehensible reason, this information is written only in our, so it is necessary to translate, more precisely to Latin, you will have to.

For example, FMS 40000 → FMS 40000 or UFMS 555 → UFMS 555

17. Home address and applicant email address &# 8211; At this point, specify the actual address of your stay . If the address of the actual residence is different from the address of registration / registration, the consulate may ask you to provide additional documents, for example, a copy of the housing rental agreement.

As this document, a certificate of work is suitable. For example, you are spelled out in Yekaterinburg, and actually live and work in St. Petersburg. In this case, the certificate from work will be confirmed by what you really live in St. Petersburg.

This item questionnaire is needed to know what specifically a visa center you need to file documents.

For example, the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg must submit documents to a Schengen visa to the visa center / Consulate of their region, but if the applicant lives and works in another region, then upon presentation of confirmation documents, it can submit to the nearest visa center to the actual accommodation.

Do not translate the name of the streets into English or the language of the consulate, write only by transliteration.

For example:
Pushkina Str – right (although many consulates allow such writing), UL. Pushkina &# 8211; right.
Fruit Street &# 8211; Not right, ul. Fruktovaya &# 8211; right.

eighteen. Country of stay, if not a country of citizenship.

Note no, if you are a citizen of the our Federation and live in Russia.

Mark yes, if you are a third country citizen and live in Russia. Specify the number of residence permit / residence / visas and T.NS. and its validity.

19. Professional activities are currently &# 8211; Specify your position in accordance with your help. If you are retired, specify Pensioner, students indicate &# 8211; Student, housewives &# 8211; DomoHozyayka.

If you fill out a questionnaire in English / German / French and T.NS., then write in this language. If the questionnaire is filled with Latin, then the position / prof. The activity is also indicated by Latin.

twenty. Employer; Employer address and phone. For students, schoolchildren – the name and address of the educational institution &# 8211; Specify the name of the company in which you work, its address and phone. Students indicate the name of the educational institution, address.

Abbrevia LLC, OJSC, CJSC, ODO and T.NS. decipher or translate to another language. Write: ooo, OJSC, ZAO, ODO and T.NS.

Names of enterprises as well should not translate into English, Write to transliteration. For example, you work in the company Ltd &# 8220; Country house&# 8221;, in the questionnaire on Schengen should be written &# 8211; Ooo Zagorodny Dom, not LTD. Country House and T.NS.

Sample Filling Questionnaire on Schengen Visa

21. Main goal / -I trip &# 8211; Tourism

22. Country destination &# 8211; This is a country to the consulate of which you are submitting documents for a Schengen visa, except when you submit documents to one of the authorized consulates of another country.

For example, to obtain a visa to Austria in Yekaterinburg, you must submit documents to the Consulate of Hungary, but nevertheless in the questionnaire, as a country appointment should be specified Austria.

23. Country of the first entrance &# 8211; This is a country where you will first cross the border with the Schengen countries.

For example, we are going by car to Germany, the first country in this case will be Poland. If you fly to Germany direct flight by plane &# 8211; Germany, and if your flight with a transfer to the EU, for example in Riga &# 8211; That Latvia.

24. The number of requested entries &# 8211; one-time or multiple entry

25. duration of stay &# 8211; Indicate how many days in the amount you will spend on the territory of Shengen.

For example, you are heading to Prague for 5 days, you chose a car as a transport, for a leisurely way in both directions you will leave 3-4 days. Consequently, in paragraph No. 25, you specify 9 days (5 in Prague + 4 on the road).

26. Schengen visas issued in the last three years &# 8211; Specify the validity period of visas. In the questionnaires there is only a place for one visa, in which case the last visa is indicated. The rest can be entered by hand (if there is a place) or not to specify at all. In any case, if they were, you must provide their copies.

27. Fingerprints provided earlier when applying for a Schengen visa &# 8211; If when submitting documents for receiving previous Schengen visas you took fingerprints, specify this in this paragraph.

28. Permission to enter the country of finite follows, if necessary &# 8211; This item is filled only if a visa is obtained for a transit to a third country.

29. Estimated entry date in the Schengen zone &# 8211; Date, started by your Schengen visa. Please note that it is no later than the day, when you have to cross the Schengen border.

thirty. Estimated date of departure from the Schengen zone &# 8211; Date, Execution of Visa.

31. Surname / -, Name (Names) Persons inviting to the State /-and Schengen Agreement. In the absence of such – the name of the hotel (hotels) or the address of the temporary stay on the territory of the States Parties to the Schengen Agreement &# 8211; Specify the name of the hotel in which you will live, in accordance with the armor.

For example &# 8211; W Paris &# 8211; Opéra.

The line below must specify the hotel address, for example: 4 Rue Meyerbeer, Paris

32. Filled in case of business trip. Specify &# 8211; &# 8220; does not apply&# 8221;.

33. The applicant’s expenses on the passage and during the stay pays &# 8211; In the case of a regular tourist trip, we put a tick opposite &# 8211; &# 8220; applicant himself&# 8221; And then we note what specifically you pay the costs.

Most often it is: cash, credit card, prepaid place accommodation and prepaid transport.

About Tom, you can buy tickets without a visa here.

34 and 35 Filled in the case of a guest visit to relatives. For a tourist visa, specify &# 8211; &# 8220; does not apply&# 8221;.

These points are filled only if you are a close relative of the EU citizen and carry out its right to free movement, according to the European Parliamentary Directive and the Council’s right to move and live in the territory of the EU member states.

Close relatives include: spouse; Son / Daughter (not reached the age of 21 or dependent), as well as direct descendants of the spouse, relatives in direct uplink, are dependent, and similar relatives of the spouse or partner.

36. Place and date &# 8211; For example: St.PETERSBURG, 12/01/2014

37. Signature &# 8211; Put the signature after printing the questionnaire.

Do not forget that at the bottom of the questionnaire there are two more fields, date and place and signature, which also need to fill out.

Not always the instructions are enough and we decided to make a small sample filled questionnaire on a Schengen visa.

And in our telegram channel, too, there is useful and current information. We tell about places where you immediately want to fly away, publish cheap tickets and tell the news.

Sample Filling Questionnaire on Schengen Visa

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