"Samovar" on four

In the Singapore Chinese restaurant, it is possible to nourish the Puz for 20-25 Singapore dollars (and S $ 1.6 are equal to $ 1). It happens, however, that the tourist has no. Especially on the last day before returning home. Let’s say in the morning only one mint Singaporean twenty was lit up in his pocket, and there is horror as you want. But it is also necessary to pay the airport gathering in the amount of S $ 15, otherwise they will not be released from the country and they will not rise to the aerobus. Well, though it is not necessary to spend on a taxi: almost all Singapore hotels will take their guests to the airport for free. But still on food will remain dollars five. Is it possible for such an insignificant amount to find an opportunity to under the severity of suitcases do not swing?

You can, if there are three faithful friend and each of them fell about twenty Singapore dollars. (Let’s remind you that $ 15 should be left to the airport.) For some kind of mysterious reason, all Chinese restaurants offer discounts only to companies from four visitors. Three for owners of eateries – not a company. Troy discounts do not give. But four for their cumulative $ 20 will rise so that because of the table it will be difficult to get up.

To get such a lunch, you only need to roll with the central shopping street Orchard Road, where in sparkling supermarkets usually spend our last day in Singapore many ours. In the side streets, for example, on Kramat Road or Grange Road, the mass of Chinese coffee shops and eaters. With hygiene there everything is in order, and the staff is very welcome. And what choice of dishes! Stuffed with pineapples Lobsters, Peking Duck, "Chicken, pretending fish", soup from middi. Unfortunately, all this will cost each of the four is much more expensive than $ 5, and therefore it is not worth the lips. With such a chill budget, you can only count on a complex dish. But what!

Four celoded, but money travelers need to throw off the top five and demand "chinese samovar" (in English – Steamboat). Tea from that "Samovara", True, do not get. "Samovar" (literally – "Steam bath") There are a large copper vessel in four tiers in Singaporean eaters, covered on top of a copper cap. On each tier, there is some kind of product in their own juice: on one fish, on a cabbage friend, on the third chicken wings, on the fourth – pieces of lamb. All in elephant doses, with free "compliment" in the form of sauce and four voluminous rice rice. Four healthy men of such "Samovara" Enough for the eyes. Also remain.

Samovar on four

But this is if the required five each of the four has. And if not? Istraches, let’s say on cigarettes, and in the wallet now one two-dollar paper jershoot yes sadly rings a solid-caliber trifle. Well, stay hungry? Nothing like this. Of course, "samovar" Do not master, but instead for S $ 2.70 per person you can take on four giant portions of noodles with beans and finely chopped pork. Without chicken and vegetables lunch, it is not clear. But noodles – food satisfying. Laptop portions that are served in Singapore restaurants, enough for seven. So it turns out that, having a combination of 12 Singapore dollars, four tourists without lunch will not remain.

But suppose the worst. In Singapore, you turned out to be not four, and threesome. And cash with you – S $ 3 for brother. In this case "Discount" You will not have, and for the same plate of noodles will have to pay one and a half times more expensive. How to be? And very simple. Need to remember well proven "Third you will be?" And search. Only not the third, but the fourth. Singapore residents themselves do not fools to enjoy cheap noodles. The restaurant always rubs some hungry Chinese, who with hunting will agree with you "To test". So exit. Yes, and the Chinese nice.

Samovar on four

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