From London, AIR NEW Zealand flies through Los Angeles. The local national airline, Polynesian Airlines, have Flights from New Zealand, Australia, from Hawaii and American Samoa, with Fiji and Tahiti.

How comfortably move around Samoa?

Road traffic: Left-sided

car rental: Car rental is available to persons over 25 years old.

Taxi: Taxi run throughout Samoa. Taxi prices are quite acceptable.

Buses: Part of the local color are self-agosent buses – doppoplastic facilities of yellow on wheels, with wooden seats, deafening rundaying music in reggae style. They run these buses extremely irregularly, despite the availability of a schedule: if the driver feels that he is tired, or decided to play with friends in rugby or local species of cricket, then it means that the bus will not come again today. To the bus stopped and take you, you need to vote so that you can go out, it is accepted loudly drum on the roof. There is also your own "protocol" Seating in Samoan buses. Older people and foreigners should not stand, but should sit at the beginning of the bus. Unmarried girls should sit together. When the bus is overflowed, the self-sustains sit on his knees to each other, women to women, men to men, and so up to four people.

hitch-hiking: Airports: Apia Faleolo Airport (APIA FALEOLO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT) – Main Airport Samoa.

Airlines: Inter Island Airways – Local Airlines on Samoa Islands

Railway: In Samoa undeveloped railway transport

Ports: Regular sea links are supported between Apia (the largest port of the country) and New Zealand, Fiji and Great Britain. Less significant port facilities are built in ASAU, Mulifanua, Saleworn.

Samoa Holidays in Samoa, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

Where better to stop, traveling by Samoa?

Top hotels Samoa

Climate in Samoa

Tropical climate, hot and humid. Average daily temperature ok. 26° C, temperature fluctuations are small (average summer temperature — 27° C, winter — 25° WITH). The average annual rainfall ranges from 2500-3000 mm in the north-west of both large islands to 5000-7000 mm in central mountainous areas. Dry season lasts from May to October, and rainy — from November to April. Tropical hurricanes are often repeated.

National Kitchen Samoa

In traditional Kitchen Samoa mainly use seafood, and often in raw form, with the addition of salt and spices. Many dishes are preparing in «Mu» – Earthy furnaces. Special place in dishes are occupied by coconuts, coloration, butat, vegetables, rice, millet, fruit. Seafood Popular Molluscs, Crustacean, Sea Snakes, Sharks, Sea Cucumber. Soy sauce, coconut and onion sauce, coconut milk, bread fruits, greens. From drinks prefer coconut juice, cocoa, «Kawa».

Samoa Holidays in Samoa, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Tripter Travel Guide

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