Samet Island (Ko Samet)

Samet (Koh Samet) – A small island in the Siamese Bay of the South China Sea in the south of Thailand, located in the province of Rayong, 6.5 km from the country’s continental part and about 200 km from Bangkok. Area – 13.1 kV. KM.

The island is part of the Khao Laem Ya National Park – Mu Ko Samet National Park), so that forests with rich flora and fauna are preserved here.

Self is divided into two parts: North – fishing village with a jetty and a monastery with a temple, South – National Park. From the west side – straight rocky shore with one sandy beach. Eastern – Long Sandy Beaches. Sand here is so clean that a number of companies are used for the production of high quality glass.

In addition to the beach holiday, the island is popular windsurfing, sailing and water skiing.

Since the Samat is a national park, for staying here at check-in at the hotel will have to pay 200 THB.

Nightlife on the island is not very developed: the evenings work bars and restaurants, and on the beaches AO Phai and AO Wong Duan work discos.

Although the Samiete is only a few kilometers from the mainland, thanks to its micro climate (it is considered the dry island in Thailand) it gets much less precipitation than the rest of the Eastern Thailand.

Rainy season – from May to September, but even during this period of precipitation here much less precipitation than other islands of the country.

Samet Island (Ko Samet)

Samet is about 83 km from Pattaya resort and 200 km from Bangkok (about 3.5 hours by bus). From both points to salma, you can reach the bus or car: you need to get to the pier Bang Phea (Ban Phe), and from there 15 minutes on a speed boat or 40 minutes on a two-candy ship to the island.

Travel time from Pattaya to Pier Bang PKHK about 1 hour by bus.

Travel time from Bangkok to Pier Bang PKK about 3.5 hours by bus.

It is the proximity to Pattaya makes it island a popular destination for those who wish to combine the island rest with the rapid entertainment life of Pattaya.

Samet Island (Ko Samet)

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