Same-sex love: the results of the carnival in Rio. Where is it further! Part 2.

On the days of Carnival Brazil and especially large cities like Rio and Sao Paulo become the centers of universal euphoria, fun and freedoms. At this time, it seems, all the prohibitions are removed, and people are expressing as they want. Such an opposed event attracts not only tourists from all over the world who love dancing and music, but also representatives of the LGBT communities, many of which in their own country, to put it mildly, do not celebrate.

Bearded in Skirt and Usachi in pantyhose – the usual phenomenon for Rio de Janeiro these days. And they are surprised here except for the traveler from Russia. Even the presenter of Travel Show "Where is it further!" Angelica Blaise, when it takes an interview with various people, faces the fact that representatives of the traditional sexual orientation is not so easy to find here.

Many people think that the realities of the carnival in Brazil is the influence of the West or the modern development of society. However, the very gay parades take their beginning in 1900s. True, officially one-sex marriages in this country were allowed only 6 years ago.

Same-sex love results of carnival in Rio. Where is it further! Part 2.

By the way, Samba, which is so loved on Sambodor, is not the only ardent dance of Brazilians. Another no less bright pair dance – forro, also popular in this country. The leading show takes a couple of lessons from a professional dancer from Russia, who moved to Brazil – and now, she already conquers a dance floor with him!

But dancing is not the only thing that is famous for Brazil. Their traditional cuisine is something that does not leave any traveler indifferent! Having tried Churaco – a juicy grill steak, you will never be able to forget his fragrance!

Same-sex love results of carnival in Rio. Where is it further! Part 2.

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