Samba schools – the main members of the Brazilian carnival

Even those who do not know anything about samba schools and never visited Brazil, they probably saw them, and more than once – In photographs, in the video materials dedicated to the famous carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Sumbe school – The main participants of this amazing holiday, one of the brightest and most musical on the planet. Pageant – This is essentially a parade of various samba schools.

Samba – Popular in Brazil and distributed from there all over the world Dance based on melodies and rhythms of African blacks worked on Brazilian coffee plantations. It is believed that the original Samba was the ritual dance of Africans delivered from Angola, and after the abolition of slavery moved to Rio de Janeiro. However, the samba researchers find traces of musical and dance culture and portuguese, and Spaniards colonized by Africa and the slaves exported from there.

«School Samba» – Voluntary association of dancers, as a rule, living in one microdistrict, on the same street, in a word, near each other. Usually the Samba School unites two or three thousand people engaged in preparation for the carnival. It’s not just dancers. A huge number of costumes, decorations, make-up, special transport are preparing to the carnival – all this is engaged in samba schools.

According to the Rules of the carnival, each school can put his column consisting of eight degraded car platforms, and up to 5,000 thousand participants dancing on platforms and following. However, the word «on foot» It is hardly appropriate here – The whole column, breathtakingly elegant, incendial dances sambo!

Samba schools - the main members of the Brazilian carnival

Carnival – The most importantly annual event of the year for every Brazilian, a holiday, organically fit into the soul itself and the mentality of residents of the country. The world is most famous and very popular from tourists Carnival in Rio – Madly expensive, unimaginable beautiful and sexy performance for the whole world. Officially, he lasts four days, in fact – Not less than a week.

In the deep districts of Brazil, away from the tourist centers, on the days of Carnival, Brazilians are also fun and dancing. Here too have their samba schools. At the same time, carnivals are not so frivolous-erotic as in Rio. In the outback, the historical, ethnographic stories of the carnival procession. But the rhythm of all carnival act remains unchanged – It is a mad and life-affirming samba rhythm!

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