Samba Day

On the second December in Rio de Janeiro every year there is a day Samba. The festivities are designed to draw attention to the samba and perpetuate this unique musical rhythm. In support of the project, the Brazilian schools of Samba are, without the rhythms of which the famous Brazilian carnival is unthinkable.

The festival in Rio de Janeiro is essentially not only a samba parade and a theatrical show, but also a grand party dedicated to the incendiary dance. On the day of the festivities, local dance groups on the so-called "train of Samba" are trained from the center of Brazil to Osvaldo Cruz station, by the way by arranging dance shows.

Samba Day

Officially, Samba’s Day was established at the National Congress in 1962. Special importance to the festivities began to give a few years ago, when, on the initiative of granddaughter’s grandeur, the Cardilar composer in the Brazilian Department for the Protection of Cultural Heritage, an application was submitted to the recognition of the Samba Part of the Country Treasury of the Country. After carefully analyzing the application, on October 9, 2007, the government declared Samba Rio de Janeiro, also known as Samba Carioca, part of the cultural heritage of Brazil.

Today, festive events on the day of sambe pass throughout the country. It is believed that the holding of the festivities will allow to preserve the memory of those who stood at the origins of the Brazilian samba, and will also help make this truly Brazilian rhythm more popular and develop it.

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