Samarkand: Square Registan and features of free visits to attractions

At first I wanted to call this report "Second opening of Samarkand". The fact is that one day I was already in this city in 2005, traveling a backpacker and practically without money for Central Asia. At that trip, I almost did not photograph, being exhausted by unlimited marins from the Uzbek police, hardly saw the camera. Photos were little, the quality is so-so, the systemics in them. Simply put, the impressions of this beautiful city (as well as from Central Asia as a whole) were some crumpled and frantic.

In June 2012, moving from Tajikistan to Kazakhstan, I made a stop in Samarkand. I thought that I was enough for one day, because I had already been there. It turned out that for Samarkand and two days later. City – True Pearl.

Over the past 7 years, Samarkand from the dusty Soviet-Asian city has turned into an extremely well-kept cultural and business center of the Central Uzbekistan. If earlier in the city functioned with a dozen hotels, from which part of the terribly launched Soviet dosses for travel, a couple of expensive hotels for foreigners and a couple of hostels, now hotels are literally on every corner.

You do not have absolutely no problem find a worthy stay for acceptable money. The average cost of the double room with amenities in a small private hotel -OV region $ 20-25. Paying a little more, say, $ 30-40 You will get a very comfortable level of the level of good-quality 3 stars. Bargaining is not just appropriate, but also necessary. But, Uzbekistan is not an Egypt to you, the three price does not throw off, but by 20% – quite real. The price, as a rule, includes breakfast, but so simple (bread, cheese, jam, tea), that after such breakfast they involuntarily pretend that it would be necessary to dine a little earlier than usual. This is me to the fact that if you are lured "Free breakfast" – Do not expect something like.

  • Area Registan
  • Mosaic ornament
  • View from the gate
  • Samarkand Square Registan and features of free visits to attractions

The second important nuance – the police pressed to the nail. No Werewolf in the blue cylinder (such hats wears the Uzbek police) did not approach me all week, held in Uzbekistan. However, once she approached, inside the regional complex, and offered for 3 dollars to open the door to one of the minarets. But, this is not considered. Evil intent The guardian order did not have.

The third nuance – I learned how to visit most of the attractions for free. The fact is that in this country a ticket for a tourist costs about ten more than for a local resident. Specifying specific numbers, visiting Square Registan was worth the summer of 2012, 11 thousand soums, which corresponds to $ 6 at the official rate. Similar prices and visiting other objects.

To my considerable surprise, on most paid objects take a fee exclusively at the main entrance, but do not take at the exit from the backyard, or at the entrance to ten steps away. For registan, you can absolutely free to visit the complex, having come back, see. Map (yellow arrows is marked where you enter for free, and red – the main entrance, where money takes you) –

  • Scheme of inputs to the area
  • Carpets on stone
  • Garden on site

I can not but affect the issue of food in Uzbekistan. It sounds strange in the country, where at every step cheap and delicious eaters, but look at their menu: fatty pilaf, bold shorts, fat lamb, fatty manta. Nothing else there is simply no.

If your stomach strictly shook your finger promising "complicate" Travel (like me), you will have to think about healthier nutrition. And then problems begin, because finding a cafe in Uzbekistan, where you will be given a simple buckwheat, or a light vegetable soup – not easy.

As a result, I found such a place on the recommendation of the aprecarisha (where I came for the enzyme), she sent me to the student dining room that at the University Boulevard 10 minutes walk from Registan. Everything was from youth: porridge, mashed potatoes, soup, sausages, salads, compote. Here I fed.

Prices in the student dining room did not just hit the extremal cheapness, but simply shocked: a complex lunch from the first, second, third and sweet with tea cost. $ 0.,60. This happens? Yes!

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