Samana (SAMANA)

Samana (SAMANA) – Province in the northeast of the Dominican Republic, located on the eponymous peninsula. The province includes three municipalities – Sanchez (Sanchez), Las Terrenas and Samana (SAMANA). Population – 98 820 people (2010).

Samana is one of the most beautiful dominica provinces, located in the picturesque cordillers, completely covered with coconut palm trees. From the south of the Saman Peninsula is washed by the waters of the Bay of the same name, rugged by small bays, where the humpback whales sailed annually from mid-January to mid-March. In the water area of ​​the bay there are many reefs that attract divers.

The Bay coast is located near the country’s National Park «Los Iites» – 1600 kV. km of virgin nature. Hundreds of small islets covered with mangrove forests in which rare birds and butterflies live. In numerous caves, traces of the stay of the Indians – Taino (Precubbovsky residents of these places) remained in the form of rock paintings and stone sculptures. It was here that the realistic show "The Last Hero-3" and the film "Park of the Jurassic period".

The eastern and northern part of the peninsula is washed by Atlantic Waters. It is here that there are virgin beaches and mysterious caves.

Surfing and kaiting are widespread in Las Terrenas (North Coast).

Samana is the only place on the island where different religions are quietly adjacent (

Samana (SAMANA)

30 religions). The most interesting religion for the tourist will be the cult of voodoo, which was taken here from Benin slaves in the XVI century, the cult and to this day plays a considerable role on the island.

In one of the bay bays, Santa Barbara de Samana is comfortable – Capital province. Charming embankment, a picturesque bridge, a stylish shopping street – everything has to leisurely, makes it possible to feel the local flavor in full.

Santa Barbara de Samana is 180 km from Santo Domingo.

Near the city there are 3 five-star hotel of one network «Bahia Princepe», each with his highlight. One of them is famous for its magnificent pedestrian bridge and stunning views of the bay, another, small and cozy, overlooking the bay and the Kayo-Levantado Island and the most fashionable hotel located directly on the island, which is located at the exit of the bay in the Atlantic Ocean and rightfully called pearl Samana. In the immediate vicinity of it, in the migration period, humpback whales swim.

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