Salzburg – One of the largest cities of Austria. It is located in the western part of the country, a few kilometers from the border with Germany. Federal Earth «Salzburg» – The heart of Europe that entails tourists by glaciers, parks, medieval castles, national cuisine, resorts and unique natural landscapes.

In translation «Salzburg» means «Salt castle». The thing is that on the river, on which the city stands, barges often transport salt, which in the 9th century had a great importance and played the role of duty. Old part of Salzburg for the whole world famous for his baroque buildings. The city is charged with the energy of students who come here from all the ends of the world to get an education in one of the three universities.

Salzburg Land offers wide opportunities for tourists. In the summer you can go on to relax on transparent lakes, and in the winter to ride on the mountain slopes of the Alpine Mountains. Each ski resort is equipped with modern appliances. Larger attractions are in the southern part. The city is open for tourists yearly, concept «Seasonality» There are no prices on these lands, prices are always held at a certain level.

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What is interesting to see in Salzburg?

Top attractions of Salzburg

Hohenferfen Castle

Fortress Hohensalzburg

Park Mirabel

Old Town of Salzburg

Nonnberg abbey

Square for the game ..

Palace Helbrunn and fun ..

St. Peter’s Abbey

Monastery Kapuchinov

Beer world Shtigl

Salzburg: Excursions and Events

Still think than to take yourself in Salzburg? First of all, make excursions to galleries and museums, spend the evening in the theater, at a concert, or simply go to the dance performance. Despite the small size of the city, he himself represents the scene, in which each tourist there is a lesson for the soul.

The pulsating life of Salzburg offers many festivals, the number of which exceeds 3000 per year. And events are invented by no means for the privileged sections of society, celebrations are available to every simple person. Come at the warm season at the summer festival, pay attention to the week in honor of Mozart, and join Christmas chants on New Year’s Eve holidays. Spring Locals celebrate Easter. And how much street theaters come here.

A separate event will be a trip to the world of local cooking or shopping. Shops are mainly located in the historic part of Salzburg. Basically, they all work only on weekdays, but souvenir shops are ready to delight their customers all week. Especially Mark I want a Christmas market, opening at once on three squares, where the opportunity to taste sweets, donuts and just cooked potatoes.

History of Salzburg

Climate in Salzburg

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The climate in Salzburg is moderate enough, but at the same time cool. The weather is characterized by a large amount of precipitation that are ready to go all day even in the most dry season. All because the northern tip of the Alps delay the cold and wet air masses from their windows, which gradually accumulate at the mountain ranges and settle on the city in the form of rain or snow.

Although Salzburg is not the most rainy terrain, yet about comfortable shoes and warm clothes should be thought. It is best to go to these edges in late spring or early in autumn. If you are a lover of skis and snow, have time to ride until April.

Salzburg: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Salzburg offers its visitors not only passive sightseeing holidays on old streets, but also a lot of active hobbies.

In the summer, you can safely go to a tent relaxing Plisa Lakes. It is here that most of them are concentrated. Water is crystal clear, and nature is indescribable beautiful. In the warm season, water warms up to 18 degrees. In addition, in the Salzburg itself, there are enough parks and streets for pedestrians. You can safely take a bike and erete the city along and across.

Shopping lovers will be surprised by the abundance of stores in the central part. If the vacation fell to the New Year holidays, you are doubly lucky. Christmas fairs begins their work. We immediately want to note that night and dance clubs are not so much here. Organize a small rendezvous by local pubs, taste the chop and original beer, which is brewed on these lands for many centuries in a row.

Of course, the epicenter of active life begins with snow falling. Mountain peaks are already preparing for the first skiers and snowboarders. Everything here is created for the comfort of holidaymakers: new lifting devices and high-quality equipment. In general, Salzbzurg – amazing city capable of conquering the heart of any.

Transport features of Salzburg

Salzburg transport infrastructure is developed at a sufficient level.

Mostly urban transport is represented by bus, trains and trolley buses. In total, in Salzburg there are approximately 20 routes. The historical and central part is connected by the funicular. You can always use a taxi service or car rental.

Near the city is a modern airport. All transport works strictly according to the schedule. Recent flights complete their work at Rivne at 23:30, but on weekends and holidays there are 24-hour buses. A single type of ticket is valid for all transport.

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