Salvation – on the waters

There are five reasons to stay at Evian. The glory of this small French town of proportion to its size, but based on very specific things – the eponymous mineral water spilled all over the world, the well-known casinos on the shores of Lake Geneva and one of the most famous hotels in Europe – Evian Royal Palace

Anyone who came to Evian asked to take him to the source from which flows the water in vain, for which you will tear off with a fortune in any Moscow restaurant. And frozen in amazement to find that the greatness of Evian comes from the lackluster faucet drinking the gallery – in Kislovodsk, where solemn. Nevertheless, it is really famous and healing water, saving from gallstones than one generation of French.

For people coming to the water, and built in 1908, looking from the hill, the Evian Royal Palace on Lake Geneva and Lausanne, Switzerland on the other side. By that time in republican France has long ceased to build the royal palaces, but in the absence of their loved foreign kings. Especially the British, who often went across the strait to the mainland from the rest of London and the London weather cuisine. Every self-respecting French hotel wanted to get his monarch patron.

The hotel is named in Evian "palace" in honor of King Edward VII, who gave an honest word royal visit here, but somehow I did not manage to. Promise kept him heirs. In memory of them on display in the lobby, ceremonial instruments, cooked to a dinner party. Such an abundance of beautiful metal stuff I’ve seen before only in medicine museum. At Evian, I liked to visit the Aga Khan, who with time so stick with Lake Geneva, bought a villa on the coast. Until now, one of the wings of the hotel, which once housed his apartment, called "Salon Aga Khan".

In June 2003, modern owners of the world gathered at the hotel. President of France Jacques Chirac took President Bush, President Putin, Premiere of Nachason and other comrades for work. In the shop window – cooked for chapters "Eight" Bottles with Armagnac their years of birth – the our president in view of his relative youth Armagnac got far from the most exist. But still it’s not water.


The gambling house on the waterfront was also useful in the city as the Evian source. You can even argue which of these two honorable institutions has become a true source of city welfare. Casino D"Evian was built almost simultaneously with the hotel and the same architect Jean-Albert Ebrac.

From Evian Royal Palace in a casino go small buses. Drivers are so accustomed to this route that if you do not want to once again be at the door of the Palace of Azart, you will have to attach extraordinary efforts to bring the driver from the somnambulic state in which it immerses its endless, as on rails, attributes of players.

Evians understood that water was water, and entertain people sitting on the water, too, something. Together with the casino and the theater was built, but, I must say, theatrical art on the shores of the Lake Geneva is now not so popular. Instead of "All life – theater" Here tend to quote about "Life game". In this, of course, a very helped on the other shore of Switzerland. In the neighboring Puritan Geneva, the covenants of Calvin are true, for a long time not allowed gambling, as a result of which the cult of the game Swiss was sent for years in Evian.

Stormy licking aroused a few years ago another refusal of the Geneva City Hall to allow the game in the city in the city – in the restaurants casino raised glasses with champagne for adamant socialists, and the number of buses sent here from the Geneva bus station were increased almost twice.

Now the ban is removed, but the casino in Evian remains a bait for those who want not only to play, but also to enjoy the place where he plays. There is a possibility to explain to yourself that not in the naked excitement and its own promiscuity, but in cultural traditions and in visiting monuments of architecture of the beginning of the last century. In addition, there are no American devices for credit cards, which at some point came up with directly connecting to a playing machine. Many people could not stop, until they were merged into the machine all cash, and did not even go to overdraft. Now they are forced to carry heavy buckets of trivia in psychotherapeutic purposes. Apparently, for people, as they, here are distributed to the brochures with a call to keep themselves in their hands. Same sore as the inscription "Smoking kills" on a pack of cigarettes, or call "Comrade, do not drink!" in glass.

Evian – one of the most suitable places in Europe for pasties with children. They will be interested in the path itself – through the Swiss territory on a boat sailing from Geneva or Lausanne. By the way, if you are late for departure, do not stand in vain in long queues. Climb on board and buy tickets right in the ship checkup. This is the only steamer known to me, on which the currency exchange is established, and the euro and Swiss francs are accepted at the checkout.

The hotel, calculated, of course, on large, nevertheless, perfectly adapted for small. A huge green area on which you will not hear the scream of the animator, a few pools and a kids club, where you can send children and for the day, and for an hour. There they will be held, roll on a pony, led to visit animals on the next fun farm. Club, by the way, does not seem to be royal, not a couple of any particular kindergarten on Rublevka, not a showful, Pokhatan not one generation of small Evian residents.

— My daughter adored this club, "the gray-haired Englishwoman told me, which I met at the door," she went there every year and waited for this moment, she had friends Italians, Spaniards, Japanese. And my granddaughter now walks here, and her daughter, I hope will walk. — And how children understand each other? — And in what languages ​​your children say? – She asked.

In Evian Royal Palace, children are not only noble privileges – full of charge, if in a separate room, and free, if in the parents’ room. All life in Evian, except for casino, built so that children can always be near. For breakfast and for dinner, in any of the restaurants from a democratic "Rotonda" Before Royal Cafe Royal and Books Jardin Des Lys. During daytime entertainment – Walks in the mountains, archery, golf training, culinary training, bouquets. The chef will explain to you how to choose and cook asparagus, and the gardener Vincent Mathieu, the creator of an Evian vegetable garden – "Royal Ogor", On the old French manner tells about the high decorative qualities of white cabbage.

Impressions that children get in Eviana can hardly be obtained somewhere else, for example in Russia, but most importantly – the experience of living together. Which is needed not only to couples coming here on a romantic weekend, but also parents with children.


Salvation - on the waters

The hotel is among the fields – golf courses, of course. The first wells meet, barely stop on the lawn, canceled soft, but durable, as it is relied on the golf course. And closer in the evening under the bushes, like hats of mushrooms, sparkle white balls. It is here that the first classes are held, if you just start to wave as a stick. For more experienced players, there are fields of a golf club, on which an international tournament of Evian Master Cup passes once a year.

And in general here are proud that there is no such type of active recreation that the hotel could not arrange for guests. Want to order a helicopter, he will sit for you on the playground in the hotel park. The helicopter will seem too noisy – you will send a balloon. Want to give alpenstock and go for a walk to the mountains, you want to send skiing, go down the mountain rivers. Do not want – you will be left alone.

I am just one of those who are in all winter sports, for example, appreciates the only way to drink a glass of vodka, coming with frost. From the options for active entertainment offered by the hotel, like, quoting, "Clive, Jogging, Sykeling" and so on., I am most primarily committed to such simple sports as Drinking and ITITING. But in this Evian Royal Palace, for me, the institution is quite exemplary.

French Palace unthinkable without food. The hotel without a famous restaurant exists simply can not, what is this house to leave every evening, going back to search for a cherished dinner.

Evian Royal Palace has a very famous chef, the owner of the Michelin star Hero Elzassa Michel Lenz. It was famous for the invention of the so-called synergistic cuisine of Cuisine Synergique, invented specifically for those who come to Evian to lose weight, but not intend to refuse food.

Vintage Hotel Restaurant Jardin Des Kys, created in 1909, under his leadership completely transformed. Not only is the system of feeding dishes, portions and methods of cooking must completely loosen the vigilance of guests, convincing them that everything here eaten by some kind of magical way will not go in a plus, but in minus living weight. It is also located now in the pool area, gyms and SPA and is available to people in bathrobes, clearly showing that lunch in the style of synergistic kitchen refers to the treatment and healing procedures. At the same time the food is amazingly good. Not wonderful that the tables are "Garden Lily" Are busy with people who are ready to eat as much as you like to lose weight.

For those who do not believe in a miracle, Michel Lenz has a white magic session: on culinary classes, he is on your eyes from the innocent root of parsley, without adding any spices, neither even a banal salt, prepares the steady broth of complex, saturated, almost mushroom taste.

However, for people of clearer views of foods have a magnificent Cafe Royal with traditional, although happily lightweight French cuisine, really – sample evening gastronomic menu. Plus more eight hotel restaurants. Yes, and in several restaurants of the city (for example, on a casino terrace), you can use our guesthouse in the same way. But if the visa allows, you can go across the lake to Switzerland and Lausanne port Ears eat fried lake perch – filet de perche.

Come to Evian – then join the old French culture of this hotel, which has almost disappeared in the capitals, but persists in the province. This culture had time to learn our before the revolution – on the French Riviera, in Biarritz, in the same Evian lose sight of it and again rasprobovat – only ten years ago,. This culture is based on the very simple things – the healing water, a beautiful sport, easy excitement, good food and love for children without restrictions. For all that has been built and preserved almost intact the famous Evian hotel. Created here comfort is not artificial, as in modern design hotel. You represent life as it should ideally be always, but not life-adventure, bought for the weekend. Unfortunately, now that clear life of the last century as difficult to manufacture and costly as Evian water, which was once taken out of the mountains, and now to buy a bottle of excise stamps.

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