Salvador Museum Dali in Figueres

The art of El Salvador was still surprised by us. This surreal artist Born in Figueres, in L&# 8217; Empori, on Costa Brava. Today in this place is located Dali Museum.

During a visit to the Salvador Museum, you can get an unforgettable impressions of viewing masterpieces of one of the most famous artists of the 20th century, learn more about his life (1904-1989) and a professional career, from the earliest works to surrealistic works of recent years.
In Figueres, Dali was born, went to school, where he fully showed his eccentric character.

The oldest residents of Figueras told how the teacher went through the streets with Ocelot (a wild cat like a leopard). In the same city, the artist died, being depressed after the death of Gang.

"I wanted my museum to be a labyrinth, a surrealistic object, unique. People who will visit him will impress that they are experiencing a theater dream ", – so said Dali, and it happened. The theater-museum created by him is one of the busiest and amazing places.

In the first room Theater Museum The visitor gets As if in the auditorium, on the walls of which gold sculptures are located, and in the center there is "Rain Cadillac". On Cadillaca there is a woman in chains that go to the top of the ship. The ship instead of the sail umbrella, and if the umbrella is closed, it rains in Cadillac. When the rain stops – the umbrella opens. Driving Cadillaca Taxi driver who is lucky two corpses in the back seat.

You put a coin into an old car, and inside starts to rain. No one had such an imagination!

Salvador Museum Dali in Figueres

The most famous is Mae West Hall, in which the face consists of 3D elements, furniture, photos. He painted several bottled freaks, but we look at them in mirror reflection and see faces, stories. Everything is surprising here, everything is impressive.

The artist settled in the theater Museum after left the castle in Polela, it was the last chapter of his life. For him, the apartment-tower was prepared, which he called Tower Galatei In honor of his beloved.

There is no doubt that the theater Museum is his great job. The artist decided to build it on the ruins of the Old Urban Theater, destroyed during the Civil War. Dali wanted to leave all his heritage and amazing work in Figuene and offer visitors a real and unique experience of penetrating into his mind and surreal world.

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