Salvador kitchen

Traditional Salvadoran cuisine is very simple and is based on a mixture of Spanish culinary traditions and national cuisine of Indian tribes that inhabit the land.

National food

Standard everyday dishes are "kasamento" – simple mixture of rice and legumes, and tortilla "popusa" with the addition of cottage cheese ("gueso"), Fried bean ("Fricholes"), Pork greaves ("chicharrin"), Spicy salted cabbage ("kurtida") And hot sauce, or all of these fillers together ("revuelta"). A popular snack in the abundant street vendors, is another species "popusa" – "pasteles", which are closed with meat patties, fried in a large amount of oil or fat, or also called "popusa" original sandwiches of two cakes with a layer sandwiched therebetween roasted pork, cheese or sausage.

Plain rural breakfast ("Almuerso") Consists of a fried or boiled eggs with tomato sauce, traditional fried bananas in the region, "kasamento", cheese and tacos. Lunch is often similar to lunch, though obviously less rich, with a lot of beans and rice, but at this time usually use some meat dishes (if the wealth), soups and fruit. Also popular are the traditional "Arros" (fried rice), "polo-dorado" (Fried crispy chicken), "Tamale" (Various kinds of meat, wrapped in a corn dough sheet and frying on banana leaf), "Sevich" or "Sebic" marinated fish, democratic "Sopa de friholes" (Soup of black or red beans), "Carne Asada," (Grilled meat, usually beef) and "polo-ensebollado" or "carne-ensebollado" (Chicken or meat, stewed with vegetables). Also popular "ariskada" or "Mariskada" – Fish and seafood (usually stew in cream sauce), which also include lobsters, crabs, shrimps and all kinds of fish. Popular local dishes are also "Panes-cavao" (rolls of dough or cakes filled with poultry meat and salad, here are about fifty species of this dish) and "Bocas" – The common name of all snacks (often various types of sausages, meat products and salted vegetables) supplied as antipasti (snacks before the main food), as well as various exotic dishes, like roast from Iguana or fried whole Armadilla.


Coffee grown in the country is famous for good quality, so it is not surprising that it is the most popular local drink. Black and pretty strong, it is used in huge quantities at any time of the day. Also in abundance there are all sorts of sugar cane drinks ("Sheet"), juices (clean ice juices "Hugos"; Fruit juice mixtures with sugar, ice and sometimes with milk – "Likuados" or "Batidos"; as well as sweet fruit-based drinks – "fresco"). Also popular drink from milk and rice with sugar and cinnamon – "Oricat", or barley and cinnamon – "Sebada", as well as various types of carbonated drinks "Gaseosas".

Three popular beer varieties are boiled in Salvador – Regia, Pilsner and Suprema, as well as a kind of sugar cane rum "Aguardite", manufactured with government control and sold in specialized licensed stores called "Expendios". Practically in any settlement is boiled its alcoholic beverages like some kind of sugar cane vodka – "Tik-TA" and "Torito". In large cities, almost all types of imported alcoholic beverages are available.

Salvador kitchen

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