Salvador can fly by docking flights in Europe, Cuba and USA.
By bus through countries of Latin America.
By car you can drive through the borders of Guatemala and Honduras.

How comfortably move around Salvador?

Road traffic: car rental: Taxi: The cost of travel by taxi is not more than $ 5, but at night more expensive about 2 times.

Buses: Between large cities, kiss comfortable buses with TVs and air conditioning. Each city has several stations, from where buses go to different cities.
Urban transport is represented by bus and mini-buses. As such no stops, the driver stops at any request. Travel is cheap.

hitch-hiking: Airports: El Salvador International Airport (El Salvador International Airport) – Main Airport of El Salvador

Airlines: Taca International Airlines – National Airline El Salvador and Honduras

Railway: There is no railway communication.

Ports: The main seaports are La Union, La Libertad and Aquetla

Where better to stop, traveling in El Salvador?

Salvador Holidays in El Salvador, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

Top hotels Salvador

Climate in El Salvador

Climate Salvador — Tropical trade machine. For most of the country (with the exception of the highest ridges on the border with Guatemala and volcanic peaks), temperatures are constantly higher than 18° WITH. In the city of San Salvador Average annual temperature 23° C, and the difference in the average temperatures of the warm and coldest months does not exceed 3° WITH. From May to October across the country, abundant sediments, brought by the winds from the Pacific Ocean, are falling out, but the rest of the time the dry northern winds and rains are prevailed. In San Salvador, the average annual precipitation amount of 1750 mm, of which 1600 mm fall on the rainy season

National cuisine El Salvador

Salvadoran cuisine combines in itself kitchens in Spain and India. The most popular dishes on Salvador are a mixture of rice and beans «Casamito», Masic cashem with cheese «Pop», Boby «Fricholes», Pork shovels «Chicharrin», Salted cabbage «Curtida», meat pies «Pasteles». An important product in Salvadoran cuisine is green bananas. From bananas are preparing a lot of dishes: puree, chips, etc.
For dessert love sweet potatoes. Coffee, fruit juices, sugar cane drinks prefer coffee.

Salvador Holidays in El Salvador, Resorts, Hotels, Reviews Travel Guide

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