Salvador – One of the smallest and densely populated states of Central America. Despite the fact that the country has no direct exit to the shores of the Caribbean Sea, believe it will find how to take the tourist. First of all, we will talk about the Pacific Coast. Windsurfer will be glad to huge waves, the largest in the region.

Note that the country has not fully experienced the consequences of a protracted civil war, so the government does everything possible to attract tourists here. So travelers literally come.

Unlike the relatives of the countries located, in this tiny state, foreign citizens can buy areas, even on the coast without any problems. Vacationers, hurrying in Salvador for more than a month, we recommend.

The country is located on the expanses of Central America. From the east side, Salvador is adjacent to Honduras, and Guatemala is located on the Western border. Pacific Waters wash the picturesque shores from the south side. Reliefs resemble volcanic education. Volcanic chains decorate landscapes. The height of the cone-shaped mountains is from one to three thousand meters above sea level.

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What is interesting to see in El Salvador?

Top attractions of El Salvador

Shapada Diamantine National Park

Hill Christ

Lift Lestenra

Gastronomic Museum

Salvador: Excursions and events

Salvador – One of the brightest and colorful cities of South America. Each street reigns atmosphere of the time when the city was considered the capital of the country. There are a large number of attractions in the city, especially the architectural complexes of a religious nature.

In the central part of El Salvador, you can admire the baroque temple of Rosario or the Cathedral of the Order of the Carmelite, which dates back to the 16th century. Be sure to include areas for which beautiful, deserted in various colors of the houses are bangible to the excursion route. In the central market you can walk for hours, looking after the items of clothing or souvenirs. In the Afro-Brazilian Museum you can learn a lot of interesting things about the past Brazil and the roots of the local population. Some exhibits presented at the exhibition dates back to our era.

The city is conditionally divided into two parts. The upper part of Salvador is famous for the old quarters. It is this place in the city recognized by the Religious Center. The lower part of El Salvador was built much later. Here built a large number of forts. Since the difference in height between the two parts of the city is large, the lift known as the lift has been specifically designed «Urban elevator».

History of Salvador

Climate in El Salvador

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The climatic conditions of El Salvador fully meet the requirements of even the most demanding traveler. The presence of numerous comfortable beaches and beautiful weather turns rest in this part of Brazil in a real fairy tale.

The city is located on the territory of the peninsula, in a picturesque place between the Coven and the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Climate in the city – equatorial. Throughout the year there is a high temperature, heat. But at the same time the climate is characterized by a high level of humidity. Cool wind streams brought from the side of the Atlantic.

Salvador: Entertainment and Active Rest

Salvador – An old city with a richest story that left behind the streets of the city’s abundance of architectural complexes. Arriving to the city, immediately it is necessary to organize sightseeing sightseeing along the old part of the city. But enjoy the modern masterpieces of El Salvador in the new part of the city. Between them there is a lifting device that raises tourists by 50 meters.

There are not few park zones in the city, from which lovers of an active lifestyle and sports will be delighted. After all, in most parks specially equipped platforms for different games, football fields, bike tracks. Salvador from the south side is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The city became famous for all Central America perfectly equipped beaches.

On the beaches, in Pacific waters, you can try yourself as a surfer. And also thanks to the transparency of water, you can perfectly dive under water with scuba. Loving couples will be offered a small trip along the shores of the city, with these points there is a stunning view of the mountains.Single architecture and nature. Later you can walk on shady alleys in the garden of lovers.

Transport features El Salvador

Salvador – Large Brazilian city, the former capital of the country. B30 Kilometersover Salvador is the main airport of Brazil with international communications. Per year through the goal of the airfield up to 9 million people. From here, almost all cities of Brazil are sent airplanes.

The road from the airport to El Salvador is painful because it is even recognized as one of the local attractions. City, starting with the times of the Middle Ages, is famous for numerous ports that can take up to hundreds of ships overcrowded to tourists every day. The city transport is presented mainly by buses and minibuses.

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