Salute in Norway became the most large-scale in history

In Norway, a new record of Guinness book was recorded in the Commune: a 20-minute salute out of 540,382 volleys thundered on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Constitution of Norway. Organizers of the Fiery Show – Local companies Svea Fyrverkerier and Sør-Tre with the support of the Norwegian bank set a goal: to beat the previous world record installed in Dubai in early 2014. Dubai Salute consisted of 479,651 volley and created the imitation of the sunrise width of 10 km.

Representatives of the Guinness Book Records confirmed that the Norwegian record took place: Salute in Syugna became the most large-scale firework on the planet. According to The Foreigner edition, 3300 kg of powder was launched in the sky. The main colors of the fiery show became the colors of the Norwegian flag: red, blue and white. True, in the sky the flag of the country with a football field turned out to be not easy: he had fuzzy outlines. Pyrotechnics and equipment were delivered from Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Salute in Norway became the most large-scale in history

To admire the fireworks came about 15,000 people, although the population of the commune is 10,885 inhabitants. The event coincided with the ignition of Christmas lights and Christmas trees in Syogna.

The other day in the book Guinness, another bright record entered: in the city of Canberra Australian David Richards built a giant 3D installation of 1 194 380 LEDs, she took 41 m².

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