Salted foam on lips

To what is customary to call a beautiful life, I have always treated some prejudice. Whatever this is not life at all. Nevertheless, it is obvious, by virtue of a common inconsistency, it was curious to try what it was.

In the cruise on the Bahamas on the ship’s largest American company ROYAL CARIBBEAN CRUISES LTD. We are a group of journalists from different publications – the Moscow Travel Agency invited "Lanta Tour", ROYAL CARIBBEAN General Representative in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries.

Before that I was swimming only one-only time: in seven years with parents in the Black Sea on the boat. The ship seemed quite large, although now I understand that he was the most inconclusive sizes. Rocky scary. All two and a half days of traveling me uncontrollably rushed in the cabin. I don’t remember anything else.

Nordic Empress’s ocean liner came from Miami. Ten-blind handsome man rumped over the pier so much that he was not even perceived as a floating. With Miami’s skyscrapers, Miami harmonized exclusively.

Before penetrating inside, you need to register. And, of course, border guards: Bahamas – another country. Border guards, however, did not feel in the eyes: they suffered imperceptibly behind the reception, over the shoulders of girls filling with papers, looking into the passports of those who were not American citizens. We would not have noticed them at all, not happening next to PE.

The young lady to the right of me, quickly and correctly spoken in English, was clearly our, domestic origin. For what features it is determined, it is impossible to explain, but determined by unmistakably. She registered a group of ours, however, a hitch was released: border guards, having glanced at the first of the passports offered by it, and then carefully examined the rest, announced that the group would not be able to go to any cruise – the American visa in the passport of a disposable passport. Lady worried. At the same time, the representative accompanying us "Lanta Tour". Resolutely reinforcing me, she went to the lady.

– Sorry, please, and on what basis you are driving a our group into a cruise?

– I AM? I know who you are, – the lady was nervous. – You from "Lanta Tour". I do not break your rights. I am an American citizen. And sell this cruise on the territory of America.

– so what? You sell it to our citizens. And under the contract with Royal Caribbean the right to this is only with us.

– I’m not a competitor! – occupied the lady defensive position.

However, the competitor, the lady was not already anyone: discouraged and looked upset group with a cruise shot. Money, of course, did not return to anyone: they themselves are to blame. Let them say thank you to those our agencies through which they made this cruise. Do not even be a professional to know: intending to go from America to some other country, and then return again to America, you should get acquainted with at least a two-time American visa.

From the inside the liner resembled a luxurious five-star hotel. A huge glass elevator in the center (not to mention the four ordinary), gilded railing of stairs, playing on the elevation of the orchestra, all in colors. Luggage waited at the cabin. Steward at our approximation immediately picked it up and made inside.

The only thing you can not do on Nordic Empress is to lose weight. It seemed that the team elected something with her slogan "feed always feed everywhere. " Three times a day at a fixed time waiter Jean-Philipp waited for us in a fourth deck restaurant. Italian cuisine, french cuisine, Caribbean cuisine. If you did not have time to a restaurant – or managed, but again got hungry, – on the tenth deck buffet. Unless little – always to Room Service. In the room, you can order food at least on ten – everything is included in the price of the cruise. The only thing that you have to pay is alcohol. (Case, I must say, it is worth: the choice of drinks is exceptionally wide.) In the intervals (if they can be detected) on the deck of ice cream and coffee or juice. Well, at midnight – a separate feast in a restaurant under the exciting title type "American Delight" (American delight). Then a little healthy sleep – and again "I ask for the table!".

By the way, about a dream. I never suffered a lot of insomnia, but those who are well-known with it, claim that it is better than on Nordic Empress, will not sleep anywhere.

Of course, some eating, drinking and sleeping man in order not to miss, little. But what kind of boredom can we talk about when all ten decks and all twenty-four hours are packed with entertainment? Casino and Broadway show, discos and karaoke, chanson sings the songs to order, the orchestra plays, the auctions of paintings and the sale of emeralds with diamonds (also entertainment), swimming pool and jacuzzi, table tennis and golf, hall with simulators and special deck for fans.

On the ship are crowded. Still: a thousand two hundred passengers – from 31 countries – and seven hundred people team – out of 57 countries. It is mingled in the team due to the fact that the Royal Caribbean believe that every customer should be able to find a single person among the staff who speaks their language.

And the Ship Sails On. Despite the fact that it is completely transparent: no pitching this edifice does not feel. Swims and walks over to the first of the islands designated in the program. Freeport. The main harbor center of the Bahamas.

Even on a ship you are encouraged to order a tour. Inspection of the city, snorkeling with a mask and fins on coral reefs, a young diver school, scooters and gliders – can not remember. And it is possible and so to walk.

A small colonial city, home to slightly sprinkle plaster, straw markets (small tourist set: hats, bags, dolls. ), Palm trees, palm trees, palm trees. And the heat.

– Taxi? – Black Bahamian solid type stands at the open door of the minibus.

– Yes thank you. We were on the beach.

– Four dollars from each one-way. Eight – round-trip.

Upon arrival at the beach it turns out that pay eight necessary now, and for that we wait for the minibus.

Salted foam on lips

– Why is it now for eight? – Effect worked out years of life care at home. – Better now four, and when we’ll go back, even four.

– madam! – Driver in the best feelings insulted. – I have ten years in this business. I know how to. I’m currently not the enemy.

– Good good. As you say.

City beach is a little wildly. (I must say that there are other – at hotels, well-groomed, as the old opera diva.) Huge rocks, sand, palm trees and some flowering vines, however, still with shower and bar. And the same in the Bahamas by the Atlantic Ocean, the extraordinary transparency and salinity, with coral reefs and colorful fish mysterious about them.

– Madame does not want braids? And Mr? And do not believe that you were in the Bahamas!

This proposal was us everywhere. As a result, it turned out polkorablya in braids: one on one, who with ten, and who did not spare the whole head and walked-rang beads that end in the pigtail.

Then there was the island of Nassau – the capital of the Bahamas, with the same peeling thatched houses and markets, but also with designer shops and marble banks.

Money in the Bahamas, incidentally, own, although the US is listed with them on an equal basis. On the Bahamian dollar on the one hand an image of Queen Elizabeth, on the other – the orchestra Nassau police.

And finally – a paradise island Coco Cay, the property company Royal Caribbean. Small and picturesque, beautiful. It is no one living, except subservient to the island, there to receive customer Royal Caribbean. Loungers on the beach and sandy paths among palm trees, hammocks in secluded places. BBQ on the island. Seagulls are waiting for the moment to steal nedoobglodannye lamb bones with plates. These birds, as they do not fly, obviously do not have another pair of legs.

so that is all. It’s time to ship. Again sail – already back.

What about the ocean! Words to describe its color and smell, sunrises and over it – it is impossible to. And do not need.

You just have to apply to the "Lanta-Tour" (And nowhere else, and then you will be removed from the ship!) And see everything with your own eyes.

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